How to step in your blue suede shoes

Elvis’ blue suede shoes would have looked something like this.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

How much would you pay for a pair of blue suede shoes? Well, a pair worn by Elvis Presley were sold at a charity auction for £48,000.

If you’re more concerned with style than memorabilia, you needn’t break the bank. Blue suede shoes offer a classy alternative to the more common neutral tones. Read on to learn more about blue shoes and how to wear them with confidence.

Blue loafers

Blue loafer close up

Go bold with blue suede shoes.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Cheese and wine, sword and shield, suede and loafers – some things are better together. Available in a range of styles, the suede loafer offers versatility above all else.

Hailed by The Idle Man as the perfect summer shoe, the suede loafer epitomises the smart-casual code. Match them with chinos and a long sleeve shirt for a touch of class on a summer evening, or keep it casual with jeans and a t-shirt.

However you choose to wear them, do so in confidence. For more tips on how to wear loafers of all styles, take a look at the Samuel Windsor guide to loafers.

Blue brogues


Add some flair to your look.
Image: ShutterStock

The classic leather brogue is a shoe of style and elegance, often completing a snappy suit. Though, its suede counterpart offers a little more flexibility. Team them with a pair of moleskin trousers and a shirt for a casual outfit.

Suede brogues are by no means to be kept away from formal attire, though. They can be the perfect addition to less intense suit colours such as blues and greys, making for smart outfit that’s a little less serious.

Blue monks

man with his feet on a table with blue suede shoes on

A bolder blue suede shoe.
Image: Adabraka Sartorialist

Recent years have seen the monk shoe develop a stronger presence in the mainstream. Sat between the oxford and the brogue, the monk strap style offers a formal look with a twist. Characterised by either a single or double strap, this style offers a quirky alternative to your classic lace up.

While suede monk straps have a less dressy look than those in leather, they’re still better paired with formal attire. Wear them with a suit or chino and blazer combo – but keep the outfit subtle. The monk strap should take the attention.

Blue suede boots

Desert boot blue

Suede is the classic material for chukka boots.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Suede is the chukka boot’s original material. They’re a relaxed design suited to all casual occasions.

Best matched with a pair of jeans suede chukka boots are an effortless everyday footwear, deserving a place in every man’s wardrobe. Check out our guide to wearing chukka boots.

How to wear blue shoes


Blue shoes can make a neutral outfit stand out.
Image: ShutterStock

Black and brown shoes are neutral and subtle, allowing you to match them with any colour you like. However, to wear blue shoes successfully you must know which colours they work with, and which colours they don’t.

If in doubt, take it back to basics and consult the colour chart. The safest colour to wear with your blue suede shoes is of course, blue! But be careful, wearing the exact same shade of blue for your entire outfit is going to get you some weird looks. So opt for complementary shades such as baby blue and navy.

What colour do you wear with blue shoes?

colour wheel

Colour wheel co-ordination.
Image source: shutterstock

Neutral colours are another safe bet. Black and white lend themselves to all colours, and beige works well with navy in particular.

Alternatively, look to the opposite side of the colour wheel and wear clashing colours. For example, a pair of navy blue shoes worn with a pair of red chinos can look very stylish. If you choose to pull off clashing colours, keep it simple. Stay away from patterns and anything with too much going on.

The world isn’t all black and brown, so your shoes shouldn’t be either. Get yourself a pair of blue suede shoes and add a twist of colour to your wardrobe. Just remember, don’t let anyone step on them!

Do you follow in Elvis’ footsteps, or have you chosen to lay off the blue suede shoes? Let us know over on our facebook page, or leave a comment below.

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