How to wear blue suede shoes

Elvis’ blue suede shoes would have looked something like this.
Image source: Classic lightweight brogue in navy suede from Samuel Windsor

Suede shoes lend a casual elegance and effortless style to any outfit. Warm, tactile and versatile, suede shoes are the perfect way to prevent your outfit from being too smart or too casual. 

If your wardrobe consists entirely of black and brown leather shoes, suede is an easy way to introduce a little colour. Blue suede shoes, a legend in their own right, are a classy alternative to more common neutral tones. Recently, a pair worn by Elvis Presley were sold at a charity auction for £48,000! Here’s how to wear blue suede with confidence.

Blue suede loafers

Blue loafer close up

Go bold with blue suede shoes.
Image source: Blue suede loafers from Samuel Windsor

Available in a range of styles, blue suede loafers are incredibly versatile. Perfect for summer, they’re the epitome of the smart-casual dress code. Wear them with chinos and a long-sleeved shirt on a summer evening, or keep it casual with jeans and a t-shirt.

For more formal events, blue suede loafers are your go-to choice to complement a linen suit. Think summer weddings, christenings, graduations and garden parties. However you choose to wear them, do so with confidence. For more tips on how to wear loafers of all styles, take a look at the Samuel Windsor’s guide to loafers.

Blue suede brogues


Add some flair to your look.
Image: ShutterStock

The classic blue suede brogue is stylish and elegant, but offers a little more fun and flexibility than its leather counterpart. Blue suede brogues work beautifully with summer-weight tweed or linen suits. Pair them with your traditional navy lounge suit when you’re attending a more celebratory event or want to take the formality down a notch.

For casual wear, team your blue suede brogues with jeans, moleskin trousers or chinos. Add a blazer and you’ve quickly put together a smart outfit that’s a little less serious.

Blue suede monks

Monk shoes are the ideal way to inject some personality into any outfit. At the formal end of the spectrum, monk strap shoes provide an interesting alternative to your classic lace up.

If you opt for blue suede, your monk straps will make a flamboyant statement. Not for the faint-hearted, they’re still better paired with formal attire. Wear them with a suit or chino and blazer combo – but keep the rest of your outfit subtle. The monk strap shoes should do all the talking.

Blue suede boots

Desert boot blue

Suede is the classic material for chukka boots.
Image source: Chukka boots from Samuel Windsor

Suede is the chukka boot’s original material. It’s a relaxed design suited to all casual occasions.

Best matched with a pair of indigo jeans, blue suede chukkas are an effortless boot for everyday wear. For Sunday lunch or a night at the pub, throw on a cord jacket to give your outfit some timeless appeal.

What colour do you wear with blue shoes?

colour wheel

Colour wheel co-ordination.
Image source: shutterstock

Black and brown shoes are neutral, allowing you to match them with any colour you like. To wear blue shoes successfully you must know which colours they work with, and which colours they don’t.

If in doubt, take it back to basics and consult the colour chart. The safest colour to wear with your blue suede shoes is of course, blue! But be careful, wearing the exact same shade of blue for your entire outfit can look a bit odd. Opt for complementary shades of the same tone, such as light blue and navy.

Neutral coloured clothes are another safe bet. Beige, stone and cream work particularly well with navy.

Alternatively, look to the opposite side of the colour wheel and wear contrasting colours. For example, a pair of navy blue shoes worn with a pair of red chinos can look very stylish. If you choose this strategy, keep it simple. Stay away from patterns and clothes with too much going on.

Black and brown leather shoes might feel like the safe option, but don’t be afraid of colour and texture. Get yourself a pair of blue suede shoes and see how this small change can rejuvenate your entire wardrobe!  Never owned suede shoes before? Check out our quick guide on how to clean, protect and care for men’s suede shoes.

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