Handsome handmade shoes

In a world of mass-produced and factory-made footwear, it’s a refreshing sight to see a pair of handsome handmade shoes.

Using natural materials, imagination and some traditional techniques, a shoemaker creates functional masterpieces for our feet.

Sometimes the results look so good, you won’t know whether to wear them or frame them on the wall.

hand knitted shoes

Hand knitted shoes
Photo by Amy Gizienski

joker shoe

Hand made joker shoe
Photo by Keith Williamson

snow shoes

Hand woven snow shoes
Photo by Mary Anne Enriquez

Hand painted shoes

Hand painted shoes
Photo by Shannon Kringen

woollen shoes

Hand moulded shoes
Photo by Inger Maaike

wooden shoes

Hand chiseled shoes
Photo by Sicko Atze van Dijk

straw shoes

Hand sewn shoes
Photo by Shi Yali

Khussa HandMade Shoes

Hand decorated shoes
Photo by Amir Taj

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