Five ways to look awesome in a three-piece tweed suit


Wear it together or split it up, a tweed 3-piece suit is incredibly versatile.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

The fashion world is in love with tweed. And why not? It’s rugged, warm, stylish, versatile, uniquely British, and it could be your key to a super stylish autumn. A classic three-piece tweed suit revolutionises your workwear and does wonders for your smart casual wardrobe too. Here’s how to wear yours.

Which tweed?


Best of British, Samuel Windsor’s tweed is manufactured in Lancashire.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Forget cheap tweed knockoffs, you want a classic tweed three-piece made from quality British cloth. Our heritage suit is made from a traditional tweed woven by Mallalieus of Delph at their Mill in Oldham.

By investing in a heritage tweed suit from Samuel Windsor, you’re buying into the British industrial heritage. Mallalieus have been manufacturing quality cloth in Lancashire since 1863, and this suit is rightly the jewel in the crown of our autumn, winter collection.

We’ve gone for traditional half-canvas construction to give our suits just the right amount of structure, ensuring your jacket maintains its shape for years to come. And you’ll love the texture and colour of the fabric too; think mossy moorland greens with a smart red thread check to add just the right amount of sophistication.

Wear the full suit

Model 1 wearing a Border Check Suit

Dress to impression in a full tweed suit
Image: Border Check Suit from Samuel Windsor

Sport a spot of tweed for the office, weddings, posh parties, and when it’s cold out. Our tweed suits come in a choice of ‘heritage’ country style or city chic, making them ideal for office wear, perfect for your golf or country club dinner, and the bee’s knees for posing in the grounds of your nearest National Trust property.

For your comfort, our suit jackets are fully lined, and the trousers are half-lined. Always wear your waistcoat with the bottom button left undone because, as Edward Dutton, writing for A Suit That Fits, says: “Your waistcoat will cover your belt, which may cause unattractive bulging.”

With its clean silhouette, a three piece stops your shirt breaking up your outfit, making it a great suit choice for the shorter man. Modest Man Brock says: “When worn properly, a three piece suit is one of the most flattering outfits a short man can wear.”

Split it up


Split your three-piece suit up to get maximum wear.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

The world can only cope with so much magisterial splendor, so you won’t want to wear your three piece every day. As the Idle Man says: “You don’t actually have to look like a Victorian landowner…you can achieve a varied range of looks.” That’s what makes a tweed three-piece such a good buy – split it up to produce different ensembles for different occasions. Here’s how.

Trousers only

Going to your local book club, history society, or just popping into town for an appointment? Your heritage tweed trousers give your outfit a formal flavour without going over the top. Wear a soft tattersall shirt with a wool-rich jumper in a warm colour like claret or ochre. For your feet, you’ll look great in a pair of brown brogues or country boots.

Waistcoat only


A waistcoat and shirt worn with jeans or chinos is a great casual look.
Image source: Shutterstock

You have teenager’s school performance to attend, a parents’ evening or perhaps a drink after work; you want something that looks young and hip without running the risk of stepping into ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ territory. You need the tweed waistcoat combo.

A dress-down outfit that packs a classy punch, wear your tweed waistcoat over a cotton shirt – clean, crisp white looks great. For your bottom half, go for a pair of jeans or chinos and a pair of loafers or chukka boots, and relax – you’ll look just right – not an eyeball roll in sight.

Jacket only

Model 2 wearing a Bradenham Tweed Jacket from Samuel Windsor

A heritage tweed jacket is ideal weekend wear.
Image: Bradenham Tweed Jacket from Samuel Windsor

Here’s your go-to Friday night garb. Great if you’re taking the lady in your life for a bite to eat or slipping down your local pub for pint, pairing a tweed jacket with a casual shirt, and jeans or chinos is the perfect way to relax into the weekend.

Jacket and waistcoat

Some occasions call for more than a touch of formality, but still stop short of going the whole –three-piece– hog. We’re thinking arts society exhibitions, meals out with friends, a graduation dinner. You need a look that respects the formality of the occasion without making you look like you forgot to change after work.

Wear your tweed jacket and waistcoat over a pair of contrasting chinos. If you like to make a statement, consider wearing red trousers. Otherwise go for darker hues like navy or charcoal, and opt for brown shoes rather than black.

Writing for Bespoke Unit, blogger Craig says: “I wore the same three piece suit to work for an entire week and not one person knew it was the same suit (and yes, I asked).” That’s what heritage tweed can do for you.

How do your wear your tweed? Please share your ideas with us over on our Facebook page.

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