Five ways to wear a boating blazer this summer


Make a statement in a boating blazer this summer.
Image source: Torbay Summer Blazer from Samuel Windsor

They’re loud, proud and traditionally associated with straw hats, rowing races and the Henley regatta. But there’s more to a boating blazer than a gentrified picnic on the riverbank. Find out how the modern man wears his summer jacket with style and panache.

About boating blazers

Some say the bright scarlet rowing garb worn by the chaps of the Lady Margaret Boat Club of St John’s College Cambridge provided the “blaze” of colour that gave the boating blazer its name. Others point out that the jacket’s provenance lies with the crew of HMS Blaze who paraded in short “navy blue” jackets.

Either way, the jacket was originally intended for active wear, and was cut so as to allow the wearer to row, or climb the rigging, with ease of movement.

Fast forward to the present day and we’re left with a clothing tradition that spans from the formality of the brass buttoned naval blazer to the bright stripes of the boating blazer – and everything in between.

Regatta wear

Model 3 wearing Exmouth Summer Blazer

Forget subtle pastels at a summer regatta!
Featured: Exmouth Summer Blazer from Samuel Windsor

The obvious place to wear your boating blazer is to a summer regatta, of which there are scores held around the UK each summer. From Henley to Cowes, these include every sort of event from local river races to J-class yachting. Every one of them is the ideal place to wear your boating blazer.

While members of posh university boat clubs have their own blazer “uniforms”, and rightly guard their patterns with pride, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear your own take on the boating jacket.

Forget subtle pastels. These events are made for proud peacocks. Go for the loudest stripes you can find and pair with chinos, brogues and a Panama hat.

Wedding wear

A sophisticated stripe is perfect for a summer wedding
Featured: Padstow Summer Blazer from Samuel Windsor

A celebratory summer event like a wedding deserves to be treated with the sort of levity befitting the joyous occasion. But while it’s natural to want to dress with flair, it’s important not to overdo it.

That’s because whatever you do, your attire mustn’t rival the bride and groom in all their finery. Remember, no matter how proud or pleased you may be at the thought of the coming union of man and wife, it’s not you who should shine, but the happy couple and their immediate family.

But that’s not to say you can’t have some fun by dressing in a summer blazer. Go for a blue jacket with a tasteful stripe, and wear it with a crisp white shirt and flannels or chinos.

Graduation wear


A pastel striped blazer strikes the ideal celebratory note.
Featured: Coral Seersucker Jacket from Samuel Windsor

Your son or daughter’s watershed moment deserves the full works when it comes to celebrating the closing of one chapter and the successful opening of a new one.

Now is not the time to bemoan the prospects of recent graduates in today’s hyper-competitive job market. Nor to criticise your offspring’s bizarre choice of degree course – who’d have thought “surf science” was a subject? Graduation is a celebration.

So as not to annihilate your child’s future prospects – our advice is to go for a summer blazer in pastel seersucker. Grey also looks the ticket. Wear a plain white shirt underneath, and stick to traditional beige chinos.

Summer fete wear


Flamboyant works well for fetes.
Featured: Marlow Summer Blazer from Samuel Windsor

Savour the opportunity to exude flamboyance at your village or town’s annual summer fete. With the love of your life on your arm, a pocket square adorning your breast and a straw boater perched above your brow, the ordinary punters will assume you’re aristocracy come to judge the fiercely contested Victoria sponge competition.

Plus, as an item of clothing originally intended for sporting use, what better jacket to wear while spinning the tombola, whacking the rat as it drops from the drain pipe, or throwing balls at coconuts?

Be the envy of dowdy dressers by sporting a boldly striped number, and do remember your pale chinos, spectator brogues and dark glasses.

Mod wear


Bands like The Who made the boating blazer popular
Featured: Hamble Summer Blazer from Samuel Windsor

As a man about town, you surely know enough about cultural references to realise that it was bands like The Who that brought the boating blazer into the mainstream, where it has stayed ever since.

An essential part of the well-dressed mod’s ensemble, a boating blazer ensures that you ooze the true Brit sophistication of mod culture without looking like a sixties throwback.

Go for stripes broad and narrow, whatever floats your boat, and wear whenever you’re about town, or out on the town. Twin with slim-fitting jeans and Chelsea boots, and see if you don’t still look razor sharp.

How do you wear your summer blazer? We’d love to hear your stories. Head over to our Facebook page and leave us a message.

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