Samuel Windsor Favourite Products 2017

Samuel Windsor shoes

What are your favourite Samuel Windsor shoes? Read on to find out…

More than 250 of you responded to this year’s product survey, and the results were revealing.

Not only did we discover your favourite Samuel Windsor products but we gained an insight to what the typical Samuel Windsor Man enjoys.

Home comforts

Home at last, and ready to relax with a cup of cocoa, or perhaps something stronger. Samuel Windsor man like nothing better than to swap your shoes for a comfortable pair of luxurious, fleece-lined Churchill Suede Moccasins – your No.1 favourite product.

Classic lines

Your typical Samuel Windsor Man opts for understated class every time. Small wonder that over 40% of respondents nominated the classic plain suit as their preferred formal attire. No doubt, complemented by a handmade silk tie and a white cotton shirt.

Terrific in Tweed

Tweed jacket - blue

Tweed jacket, chinos and a classic sports car – the Samuel Windsor Man.

For days at the races, country walks and drinks with friends, Samuel Windsor Man loves his traditional tweed, which topped every category in which it featured. Our tweed hats, jackets and long coats give our man a look that’s the epitome of elegance, no matter what the occasion.

Always smart

The kind of fellow who errs unswervingly on the smart side of “smart-casual’, Samuel Windsor Man likes to pair his tweed jacket with a striped cotton shirt and his go-to trousers are chinos, with moleskins coming a close second.

Well shod

If, as they say, you can tell a gentleman by his shoes, Samuel Windsor man is every inch a gent. Classic Oxfords are your top choice, followed swiftly by a well-polished pair of traditional brogues.

A chap who’s not averse to wearing a quality pair of boots when the occasion dictates, Samuel Windsor man is most at home in that style icon, Chelsea boots. And as you’d expect from a man who always dresses appropriately, when Samuel Windsor man takes a trip to a country pub, he wears your second favourite, Country Boots.

We think you’ll agree that the typical Samuel Windsor Man is a gentlemen with imperishable style.

Survey results

Favourite SW products

Your favourite Samuel Windsor products

For the curious and statistically seduced, here are the survey results in more detail:

Shoes, boots and slippers

Classic oxfords are your favourite shoes, but a third of you chose our beautiful brogues.

35% of you chose Chelsea boots as your favourite men’s leather boots, just over a quarter of you preferring supremely comfortable brogue country boots, made from the finest Italian leather.

The runaway overall survey winner, Samuel Windsor’s Churchill moccasins are by far your favourite slippers with 99 votes. A quarter of you told us your favourite slippers were outdoor mules. Handmade using the finest nappa leather, these handsome slippers are easy to put on and take off and smart enough to answer the door in.

Jackets and coats

Our quality tweed jacket, with its clean, simple lines and sharp modern finish, took almost 40% of the vote.

Just over a quarter of you preferred the smart-casual classic blazer (27%). Ideal for daywear and evenings out, a blazer can be worn with or without a tie and for a really modern edge, with a smart round neck t-shirt and pocket square.

The tweed long coat was the winner of the coat race. But second place went to our luxurious cashmere coat, which a third of you chose as your favourite.

Trousers, shirts and suits

Samuel Windsor Chinos

Chinos – firm favourites of the Samuel Windsor man.

43% of respondents chose chinos as their favourite pair of trousers, with moleskins coming second on 31%.

Although a quarter of you voted for the formal plain white shirt, the clear shirt winner was the striped cotton casual shirt with 40% of you choosing it as your favourite. Now on offer at two for £25, it’s the perfect time to pick up a couple of your favourite Samuel Windsor striped shirts.

The classic, plain suit rocketed straight to the top spot with 97 votes. Second, with almost 30% of the vote, was the Samuel Windsor Prince of Wales suit. Nearly a third of you chose this traditional British design, made from 100% wool, as your favourite men’s suit style.

Hats and accessories

Once again, Tweed came out on top, with 42.9% of you voting for a tweed cap as your favourite headwear. Made from 100% wool and with a luxurious quilted lining, these stylish men’s hats stand up to strong winds and suit just about all face shapes.

Never ones to be caught with your trousers down, the winner of this category was the formal leather belt, taking 42.4% of the vote.

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