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The father of the bride sets the standard for attire
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Many families opt for uniformity when planning their wedding attire, hiring morning suits from companies like Moss Bros. While it’s true that this can be a good look, others prefer to define their own style. If that’s you, you can afford to be a little more flamboyant than usual, after all, it’s the best day of your daughter’s life. Here’s what to wear to her wedding.

What to wear: Cooler months

Model 1 in a pinstripe suit

A subtle pinstripe is slimming and lengthening
Image: Navy Pinstripe Jacket from Samuel Windsor

You don’t want something too heavy or you’ll stifle once the party gets going. Equally, you don’t want to freeze to death standing outside for the photographs. A mid-weight fully-lined wool suit is one way to go. The other option is tweed, which is very of the moment, and also looks fantastic.

Colour-wise, we suggest darker block colours like navy blue and charcoal. It’s not that you can’t look good wearing a bold brown or a light grey suit, but do remember, your role is one which requires formality and dignity; darker colours fit the vibe better. Having said that, you might consider a pin stripe which is slimming and lengthening.

If you’re a stocky chap, choose a fit that complements your build, Sarah Gilfilan of Clothes Make the Man suggests you avoid double-breasted suits, and instead “stick to a more complementary single breasted style, and embrace the peaked lapel trend which will flatter your figure by taking the eye out towards the shoulders.”

What to wear: Warmer months


A light linen suit is a stylish choice for the height of summer
Image source: Linen suits from Samuel Windsor

Spring and summer weddings give you wider wardrobe choices. Formal colours still look fine, but lighter greys, blues and browns are now acceptable. And of course, linen gets a look-in – do consider the potential for creasing though, and if concerned, go for a linen-cotton, or linen-wool mix that stops you looking rumpled.

If your daughter’s wedding is to take place at the height of summer, you might consider a tweed or linen jacket worn atop smart chinos. If this appeals, keep your colours cool. Pastels look great, as do creams and tans.

Fashion writer, Amandazipsitup says, double breasted suits are back in vogue, and, assuming your build complements the cut, “a classic-fitting double-breasted or three-piece is worth considering – especially if you’re looking for something that makes a statement but is still resolutely timeless.”

Summer or winter, a plain white, or subtly striped cotton shirt is hard to beat. And do go for a style that shows off your cufflinks, because it’s your accessories that’ll make you shine on the special day.

What to wear: Accessories

black oxford shoe

You can’t go wrong in a smart pair of polished Oxfords
Image source: Black Prestige Oxford Shoe from Samuel Windsor

Speaking of which…Get yourself a silk pocket square and a tie that matches, and if possible keep the theme going through to that often underrated undergarment – your socks.

Getting the right colour is a matter of colour theory. Take a look at the colour wheel; the hues closest in tone to your main fabric are complementary colours, those furthest away are contrasting colours. The biggest splash is to be found among those colours that lie on the far side of the wheel.

For your feet, you’ll want well-polished Oxfords, or brogues. Summer might see you in brown, otherwise, it’s black. And that’s that.

Finally, a smart dress or classic watch will help you to make sure everything goes smoothly and runs on time.

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