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Discover different male perspectives on parenting
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Perhaps you’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of your first child or grandchild; maybe you’re watching as your kids fly the nest; maybe you’d just like to know how modern dads manage. Just what is it like to be a dad these days? Well here are the answers to your questions: Dad blogs.

We’ve scoured the internet to find 14 of the best blogs written by dads. If you’re interested in a wide range of different male perspectives on parenthood; we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Bringing up Charlie

Dad Tim with daughter

Tim Atkinson in homeschooling mode
Image source: Bringing up Charlie

LEGO has conducted a survey and found that children these days are three times more likely to want to be a YouTuber (29%) when they grow up than, say, an Astronaut (11%),” says Tim Atkinson, from Bringing up Charlie. But far from bemoaning kids’ lack of ambition, as an influencer himself – a parent – Tim argues that guiding kids towards science blogging or sci-fi writing can help your budding influencers learn heaps.

An award-winning blogger, Tim is also a teacher who now writes full time. The author of books ranging from The Philosophy of Religion, to The Glorious Dead, a novel about the men who stayed behind to clear up after WW1, Tim’s blog offers an eclectic mix of content on family, history, days out, and more. Planning a trip to Warwick? Check out Tim’s son, Charlie, in this excellent video guide.


Little boy playing guitar with dad

Daddacool does his bit to make sure his boys can hold a tune
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Looking for a fast but filling meal option to feed the whole family, with leftovers to spare? Daddacool’s “Monday night is a rushchilli recipe is just the thing. Made from a 500g pack of minced beef or lamb, it’s healthy, nutritious and, so long as you don’t turn the heat up too high, makes, “a luxuriant sauce that’s still taken you under half an hour to cook.”

As well as wiping the orange chilli moustaches from his three kids’ faces, Alex is the Sunday Times’ “premier parent blogger.” We can see why. Visit Daddacool for all the latest product reviews, family news, and more. In the mood for a debate? Check out Daddacool’s ‘soapbox’ where he discusses everything from the death of musical literacy to the importance of knowing what really is – and isn’t – bullying.

Diary of the Dad

Tom wearing pyjamas walking down stairs

Tom’s multi-award-winning blog is a must read
Image source: Diary of the Dad

Are you familiar with that tale of parental woe, the ‘Princess and the Peas’? Over at Diary of the Dad, Tom isn’t talking about the fairy tale, but the battle to get your kids to eat vegetables. As a multi-award-winning blogger, with a record stretching back ten years, Tom sought insights from parenting his other kids through the same stage. No such luck! “It must have been horrific on both previous occasions,” Tom concludes.

As well as tending to the needs of his daughter (who currently calls him her ‘servant’), Tom brings a much needed touch of wry wit to the blogosphere. Looking for a way to stop kids clamouring for ice cream? “I told them that ice cream vans only play music when they’ve run out.” Check out Tom’s post to find out if it worked.

The Mediocre Dad

Family camping with children in a big tent

Camping for the first time? Check out Mediocre Dad’s ultimate guide for newbies
Image source: The Mediocre Dad

If you’re busy planning your first-ever family camping expedition this summer, you’ll appreciate The Mediocre Dad’s highly informative ‘Ultimate guide for first-time campers’. With answers to common questions like: “What equipment might you need? How do you know where to camp? What gadgetry might make your trip more fun?” and more, blogger Henry offers all the help and advice to make your trip a great family adventure.

A pun-loving, dad-blogging, photo-taking, Lego-making, beard-wearing, child-caring father of 2 and husband of 1,” Henry’s writing has a focus on holidays under canvas, some of which has featured in the national press. Thinking of scratch cooking ‘in the field’? Empty tic tac boxes make ideal, travel-friendly herb and spice containers, says Henry.

Dad Blog UK

Learn how to properly steer those important conversations with your kids
Image source: Dad Blog UK

Are you wondering how best to talk to your kids about racial inequality? Join John Adams over at Dad Blog UK as he interviews criminologist and Damage singer, Andrez Harriott. Number one, says Andrez, is to normalise difference: “There are people of all different shapes, but primarily it’s a human race. If you cut each other up, we all bleed red blood.” Check out the full post to discover more.

Dad Blog UK is one of very few dad blogs to take you all the way from birth to school years, plus the trials and triumphs of being a male main carer. John’s blog offers a wealth of family stuff, plus product reviews and parenting interviews with luminaries like Jessie Ware and Newton Faulkner, children’s TV presenter Nigel Clarke and Wales rugby captain Alun Wyn Jones.

Skint Dad

Little girl with a packed lunch box

Thrifty meal plans for £15 per week
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If you’re looking for budget meal plans to keep kids hale and hearty, Skint Dad offers a menu that costs just £15 per child per week for the six weeks of the school holidays. Easily adaptable for larger families, the recipes and shopping lists will help you out any time you need to tighten your belt a little.

Teetering on the brink of financial ruin, Ricky and Naomi Willis decided to take control. Their site – Skint Dad – offers a wealth of helpful money saving/money-making advice for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and finances. Wondering where to sell clothes you no longer wear? Try Vinted, ASOS marketplace, or depop, says Ricky. Check out the full post for more ways to cash in on your wardrobe.

Father Hood

Collection of photos of Stuart Hood from Father Hood

Dad Stuart offers parenting insights, product reviews, humour and more
Image source: Father Hood

My only down time is on the toilet,” says Dad, Stuart Hood of Father Hood (get it). If you haven’t guessed, Stuart is a dad, and now a new dad for the second time – this time to a baby daughter. The hardest part of being a new father, he says, “is that it’s not as hard as being a new mum”.

Perfect reading material for other dads looking for solace during the wee small hours, you’ll find Stuart’s blog highly informative and entertaining. In need of a laugh? Check out Stuart’s parody song about the joys of teething and Nurofen – very funny and, like all good comedy, it’s so true!

Slouching Towards Thatcham

Kids enjoying geocaching in the great outdoors

Tim’s blog celebrates the beauty of geocaching
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Fancy a good family-friendly, low-impact exercise with some great scenery? Try geocaching, says father of three, Tim. The author of Slouching Towards Thatcham explains that geocaching involves using “a smartphone or other GPS device to find ‘caches’ concealed at specific locations.” The kids, he says, love the hunting aspect of it, and he enjoys the contact time, plus the occasional pub pitstop.

A veteran blogger and social media manager, Tim offers plenty of insights on parenting, but now goes much further. Do check out Tim’s new project launch – The Social Conversation – “a place where contributors can come together and share… Social media excites and terrifies us in equal measure. For better or worse, it is an inextricable part of our 21st century lives. And we are better off for talking about and understanding how it shapes our perceptions of the world we live in.” Sounds great, Tim.

Surfer Dad

Girl and dad on a beach enjoying the sun

Surfer dad – takes his daughter to the water
Image source: Surfer Dad

If you’re heading for the coast for your holidays and would like to give your kids a chance to try surfing, Andrew, aka Surfer Dad, has some great advice to help get your little ones started. “Keep it fun. Teach [kids] to enjoy wiping out (falling off). Praise them regularly. Laugh and smile. If it’s not fun, why do it?” says Andrew. Visit his post for more information, plus hints from some of the world’s top surfers.

This “diary of a wave-starved father” is a must for anyone who hankers after the beach lifestyle. Surfer Dad loves his life with his partner and daughter in Cornwall, but sometimes would just “rather be surfing.”

Here you’ll find everything from the lowdown on the best surfer ever (Kelly Slater) to advice on buying your kid’s first surfboard – and plenty in between.

The Dads Net 

Dads sitting on a bench with their kids

Why not start your own local dads group with the support of Dads Net?
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Buying a pushchair is something that fills new parents with excitement and confusion at the same time,” writes Jim at The Dads Net. Excitement because it means your baby is almost due – confusion because there are just so many makes and models to choose from. Luckily, Dads Net is here to help make sense of prams. Newborn? Make sure your baby can lie flat on his or her back.

Dads Net is a community with a “mission to connect like minded dads around the globe online & face-to-face, ultimately, to equip dads to raise outstanding children who will go on to change the shape & future of the world around us.” Find everything from a dads forum, to dad groups, and a dad podcast. If you’re a father, step-father, uncle or grandfather, there’s a wealth of parenting help and info here.

The Dadventurer

Cluttered garage full of boxes and knick-knacks

Have you outgrown your family home?
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Screwing your eyes shut and sticking your fingers in your ears isn’t going to make the reality go away,” says Dave The Dadventurer. He’s talking about the importance of making a will – an absolute must for parents. If you, like Dave, have “kicked that proverbial can down the road for way too long,” this husband and stay-at-home dad of two has some timely advice to help you get yours sorted now.

Not to put a downer on things, Dave also has plenty of light-hearted family fun to report on, plus excellent product reviews and more. Is your house full to bursting point? Dave tackles the thorny issue of whether to renovate or relocate – a mid-terrace house with a small garden offers few options for expansion, but could they knock through into the garage??

Yorkie…Not Just For Dads

Yorkie...Not Just for Dads with his kids

From motoring, to DIY, and fatherhood, Eddie has some great help and advice to share
Image source: Yorkie…Not Just for Dads

Dads with a pregnant partner: Here are 11 useful tips for you to help and support them,” writes Eddie who’s dad and step-dad to five – yes five – daughters! Among his recommendations, he says to make room for pillows, cushions, and soft things; factor in plenty of toilet stops when you’re out and about; and prepare a contact list of who has to be informed of what, under which circumstances… Great tips, Eddie!

“An open struggler of depression and anxiety,” after suffering redundancy in 2019, Eddie and his partner decided he would be the stay-at-home parent, which, in turn led to Yorkie…Not Just For Dads. How would you like to earn brownie points by cooking the perfect Sunday roast? Eddie will show you how it’s done.

Daddy & Dad

Daddy & Dad with their sons Lyall and Richard

There’s never a dull moment for dads Jamie and Tom
Image source: Daddy & Dad

“The utter nightmare of opening their lunch box to find an absence of a Penguin sends shivers down their little spines!” says Jamie, Dad to two lovely but perpetually bickering boys. Read all about his struggles to stop the fighting – should you punish, bribe, or threaten biscuit removal? If you have any suggestions Daddy & Dad would love to hear from you.

Daddy & Dad records the family life of British gay dads, Jamie and Tom. Are you thinking of adopting? If so, this blog contains invaluable insights courtesy of the dads’ own adoption journey. Sharing their happy family life will surely inspire others. Looking for the secret of successful parenting? “There isn’t one,” Jamie says. “Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

The Yorkshire Dad

Little baby sleeping next to his dad

Karl’s blog is full of advice for sleep-deprived dads
Image source: VGstockstudio/Shutterstock

Their sleep is your sleep,” says The Yorkshire Dad, Karl. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids or grandkids off to the land of nod, this is the post for you. Start with the decor, says Karl – avoid bright hues because they’re too stimulating for sleep; milder tones work best, along with a comfortable bed. Next is your wind-down schedule and bedtime stories. But it doesn’t stop there – find out more by visiting Karl’s blog.

I enjoy writing about my journey through fatherhood, our family days out, running product reviews, DIY, golf and any other topics that tickle my fancy,” says Karl. Working from home? You’ll appreciate Karl’s tips for creating a home office.

We hope you enjoyed our pick of the dad blogs out there. If we’ve missed one of your favourites, please do get in touch, we’d love to feature it in a future post. Just drop us a line via our Facebook Page. 

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