How to dress like a Kingsman


Here’s how to dress like a Kingsman – while giving orange a wide berth.
Image source: Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

“It reaches new heights of skyscraping silliness,” was the Guardian’s reaction to the New Kingsman film, ‘The Golden Circle’. Other critics weren’t so kind. Eggsy and co., are a daft sendup of the Bond franchise, which is itself a daft sendup of spy thrillers in general. But we’re all suckers for a bit of Brit posh polish, and nothing politely murmurs “gentleman” like a well cut suit. Here’s how to dress like a Kingsman – without admitting you’ve seen the film.

The tux


Make a statement in emerald green velvet this winter.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

We’re pretty certain we can’t think of any event for which an orange tux would be the right choice – except perhaps a Kingsman theme party. That said, colour does have a place in a gentleman’s wardrobe, and velvet is a very fashionable fabric to plump for.

Got a formal event or ball coming up? Swap your dinner jacket for a velvet number in black or midnight blue. Alternatively, velvet works well dressed down too. Try a cashmere mix pullover and jeans worn with a velvet jacket over – it’s a perfect top layer at this time of year. Go for bold burgundy or emerald green if you want to make more of a statement.

The trick with plush fabrics is to let the colour and texture of the material do the talking. Keep your silhouette slim and streamlined and the rest of your ensemble plain and muted.

The suit


A gentleman’s wardrobe always has space for a sharp fitting wool suit.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Want to know what makes those Kingsman suits look so swish? It’s not all about having a slim muscular body to hang it from, or a Savile Row tailor to measure you up. You need the right cut for your shape.

Though it’s seldom stated on the label, suits are cut to an American, Italian or British style. American has the least structure in the shoulders and a squarer shape that suits the larger frame. Italian is your sharp shouldered, nipped in at the waist, skinny-legged outfit for thin people.

If you have the build for it – average to athletic – the British cut is where you, Harry and Eggsy belong. Think single breasted, two or three buttons, some structure in the shoulders, a tapered waist and double vents. Buy a wool suit that fits well – and you’ll be ready for even the fastest of car chases.

The shoes


A polished pair of Oxfords will always be smarter than a Derby.
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“Oxfords not brogues”, was a top line from the first instalment of what looks likely to be the Kingsman franchise. But in educating young Eggsy, Harry made something of a footwear faux-pas.

Because it’s not a case of either or; Oxfords can also be brogues. The broguing refers to decorative holes which can adorn an Oxford as-well-as any other type of shoe. What separates Oxfords from the rest is the way that the eyelets are stitched under the vamp.

Harry should have said “Oxfords not Derbys.” They’re both formal shoes, but because Derbys do not have the closed stitching at the front; the Oxford is always the smarter of the two.

The brolly

Your average brolly or briefcase won’t protect you from a hail of bullets of course, but it does have the advantage of keeping you dry in the rain.

Next time it pours during your commute to work, just look around and you’ll see pavements full of chumps wandering around wet. Waterproof coats, even if they work, simply transfer the run-off from your body onto your trousers and shoes.

A gent doesn’t just carry an an umbrella because he’s a stylish man about town, he also carries one because he’s not an idiot.

The manners


Clothes matter, but manners maketh the man.
Image source: Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Eggsy is an oik turned James Bond wannabe, but what really separates him from his uncouth previous self, is his excellent manners. Which brings us to the thorny issue of breeding. While there are toffs aplenty who think the accident of their birth makes them a cut above, it’s actually manners which maketh the man. Learn to act with grace, charm and consideration and no matter what you wear, you’ll be every bit as suave, though hopefully not as murderous, as a Kingsman.
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