How to dress for travelling this summer

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How to dress for travel…

The school summer holidays are here. And for many it means hopping on a plane, slogging it out on a bus or hitting the open road by car.

Whilst packing for your arrival is a doddle (swimming gear, beach towels, sun cream), what about packing for en route?

Well you’re in luck! Whether you are flying, getting on a bus or jumping in a car, we’ve got some top tips on how to dress.


Model 2 wearing a Garnet V-Neck Cashmere Mix Jumper

Cashmere is ideal for layering
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Layers are always your friend, but when travelling even more so. For example, a jumper becomes a pillow or a way to fend off the harsh air conditioning or chilly temperatures.

But though layers are your friend, try not to wear an outfit that requires anything too formal like a suit jacket. Not only will it crease when you sit, but there isn’t always space to hang one.

Unless of course you want to get bumped to first class, then it might be worth suffering a suit jacket…


Whenever you kick off your shoes on a long trip, beware that the floor might not be the cleanest. So with that in mind, try and wear as lighter shoe as possible.

In an airport, think about security. A slip on shoe is best, such as a loafer or a deck shoe. But just be wary that your feet may smell if you go sockless with either option. So if you wear them, it might be best to keep them on.

If you are driving, don’t wear a leather sole. Most mens shoes come in a rubber sole alternative, so it is easy enough to find an equally stylish option of an Oxford, Derby or whatever else you were after.

Trousers or shorts

child asleep with a blanket on plane

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Proof that you get a blanket on a plane. So wear shorts if you like.

Dress for the journey, or for your arrival? It is easier to get changed when you get there, as opposed to a small airplane toilet for example. So wear what is comfortable.

On a long haul flight, a nice bus or a well prepared car you will most likely get a blanket, so if you want to wear shorts, go for it.

If possible, especially when travelling by air, wear trousers or shorts with lots of pockets. This saves you having to back and forth for your passport or boarding pass. And if you have cargo trousers, you might even be able to slip in your Kindle.


vintage brown suitcase with stickers

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Stylish, but not the most practical hand luggage…

Needless to say, a bag is always a good idea. Go for something with easy to reach side pockets for things you want quickly, but with plenty of storage space.

When picking your bag, think about the rest of your outfit. There’s no point in dressing up smart if you then wear a sporty backpack.

A hat is a handy way to block out light and fellow passengers on buses and planes. But again, wear one that suits the rest of your outfit. Snapback caps should be left with your skateboard.

Final word…

You may be wondering, “What if I am going on a cruise?” Well you needn’t worry, that will be covered soon. But until then, have a good holiday, and remember that whatever mode of transport you choose, layers are your friend.

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