Dogs in winter clothes

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, many people are wrapping up in warm winter clothes to keep out the chill. But us humans aren’t the only ones who feel the cold.

Some dog owners like to keep their pampered pooches free from frostbite with a dazzling array of cold weather gear. From raincoats to mens slippers, these dogs really know how to stay warm for those winter walkies.

Lumberjack dog

This dog is a lumberjack, and he’s OK.
Source: Many Mutts SF

Dog wearing lion's mane

Bark or roar?
Source: Dog Guide

Dog wearing a raincoat

A very fetching yellow raincoat
Source: English Blog SC 3 de 15

Dog wearing a woolly hat

A cute woolly hat for this dog
Source: Crochetoholic

Dog wearing duckling slippers

No more muddy paw-prints with these doggy slippers!
Source: Baxter Boo

Dog wearing fur hood

A faux fur hood for this lucky pooch
Source: Wall Seemly

Dog wearing antlers

Knitted antlers look adorable on this dog
Source: Rofl Pictures

Dog wearing a pink hoodie

A nice warm pink hoody
Source: Sarah the Americana

Dog wearing stripey jumper

A dachshund dressed as a bumblebee
Source: Etsy

Dog wearing a knitted jumper

This dog really has the ‘Awww’ factor
Source: All about you

Dog wearing turtle slippers

Turtle slippers – surely every dog’s favoured footwear?
Source: Bunny Slippers

    No dogs got cold during the making of this blog post.

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