What to wear to a christening


There’s no need for these two to worry about dress codes.
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Guest or godparent, if you’ve been invited to a christening or naming ceremony, you’ll need to dress to reflect both the significance of the occasion and the dress code if it has been specified.

A christening is a happy occasion, although some degree of formality is required. It’s also a great opportunity to project some character and flamboyance through your choice of threads and treads. Read on to find out what’s appropriate for men to wear at a christening.

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What to wear to the races

No-one expects you to attend wearing silks…
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Are you off to the races? You’re in for a treat but unless you’re a regular racegoer, what to wear to the races can be quite a challenge. We’ve unravelled some of the mysteries of horse racing etiquette in this short guide, to help you look the part on race day.
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What to wear to a wedding

What men wear to weddings

Not sure what to wear to a wedding? We’ve got you covered.
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You open the envelope and out drops a wedding invitation. Of course you’re pleased to be invited, but what should a gentleman wear to a wedding?

It’s the 21st century and dress codes can be pretty relaxed. But not usually for weddings. Get it right, and you’ll stand out as a super sharp dresser who mingles with confidence. Get it wrong, and you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Read on for the low down on what men should wear to weddings…

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