What to wear to a job interview

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First impressions count in a job interview.
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You’ve landed a job interview. Congratulations! It’s difficult to get your foot in the door these days, so you’ll need to make a good first impression – and that means dressing well.

The right outfit will give you confidence and give you a head start on the other bozos in the waiting room. Here’s our easy guide to nailing that interview attire. Securing the job, however, is up to you!

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What to wear guide for students

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Make the transformation from schoolboy to young professional.

If you want to improve your grades and job prospects, download and read our free guide.

With just a few simple wardrobe changes you can impress fellow students, lecturers and employers. Our guide will show you how.

What you wear as a student matters, make the right choice. View our downloadable student guide now:

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What to wear to a BBQ

What should men wear to a barbecue.? Chino shorts and a short-sleeved shirt are ideal.

Chino shorts and a short-sleeved shirt are the perfect bbq combination.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

There’s nothing like chargrilled steak washed down with your favourite lager to get the old tastebuds watering – and nothing like burned on the outside, raw in the middle chicken to turn a pleasant evening with friends into a toilet-hugging disaster.

To help you avoid the clothing equivalent of salmonella, here’s your guide to dressing for a summer BBQ. How to look snappy without under- or over-cooking it.
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