10 Places it’s totally cool to wear a tweed jacket

It doesn’t get much cooler than Tinie Tempah in tweed

It doesn’t get much cooler than Tinie Tempah in tweed
Image source: Museum of London

Tweed has experienced something of an urban revival in recent years. At London Fashion Week 2015, British rapper and singer Tinie Tempah modelled a tweed three-piece-suit designed by Savile Row tailors and the Museum of London.

Tinie’s urban, modern take on the heritage fabric has brought tweed into the 21st Century. And it’s about time too! Not only does a tweed jacket look good with indigo jeans and a white shirt, it works for almost any event or occasion. Here are 10 places you’ll look totally cool in tweed:
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What should men over 40 wear?


Life begins at 40.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Anyone with half a brain knows that being 40 plus is a triumph, not a tragedy. You’re at peak earning power, you’re still young enough to do anything you want, and you know your own mind. Men over forty should dress with class – anything else is less than you deserve. Here are the simple wardrobe staples that will show you how to dress in your 40s and help you look your effortless best, with ease.

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What to wear to an awards ceremony

man holding champagne flute wearing tux

Heading to the Oscars? Make sure you dress the part.
Image source: Shutterstock

Rare is the sight of a poorly dressed man being flashed by paparazzi at the Oscars. Make sure your awards ceremony garb passes muster with our guide to formal menswear. 

Occasionally celebrities make grave sartorial errors, as Lionel Messi and Sasha Baron Cohen have shown in the past. But it’s best to avoid following in their footsteps – especially if there are photographers out and about.

So whether your invite is to an awards ceremony, a corporate event or a formal dinner, make sure you dress the part. Awards ceremonies are black tie events, which call for elegant shoes, a luxury jacket and smart trousers. If you feel like having fun you can play around with your accessories – whatever you go for, we’ve got your evening wear dress code sorted so you’ll know exactly what to choose.
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