What to wear to Lord’s

Get your glad rags on for a day at Lord’s.
Image source: Neil Mitchell

Nobody does stuffy like the British, and of all sporting institutions, the MCC must surely rank among the stuffiest of all. So much so that having taken the unusually bold step of issuing dress code cards, the 225-year-old institution nevertheless manages to make its models look like shabby waxwork dummies rescued from a cellar at Madame Tussauds; not even their trousers fit.

Should you be off to the cricket this summer, do read on – here we’ve interpreted the Lord’s dress code in such a way that you’ll be an oasis of understated sophistication in a sea of stuffed shirts.
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What to wear to Wimbledon


The dress code may have been relaxed, but VIP access still requires a jacket and tie.
Image source: Yann Renou

Lewis Hamilton should have known better than to turn up at Wimbledon, in 2015, without his jacket and tie. You don’t get into the Royal box without looking your regal best, and he was rightly sent packing.

You may not have tickets to sit with the royals or join the execs and celebs in the members’ enclosure, but it’s still best to look like you could rub shoulders with the VIPs and hold your own. Here’s what to wear to Wimbledon.
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What should men over 40 wear?


Image source: Samuel Windsor

Anyone with half a brain knows that being 40 plus is a triumph, not a tragedy. You’re at peak earning power, you’re still young enough to do anything you want, and you know your own mind. Men over forty should dress with class – anything else is less than you deserve. Here are the simple wardrobe staples that will help you look your effortless best, with ease.

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