What should men over 40 wear?


Image source: Samuel Windsor

Anyone with half a brain knows that being 40 plus is a triumph, not a tragedy. You’re at peak earning power, you’re still young enough to do anything you want, and you know your own mind. Men over forty should dress with class – anything else is less than you deserve. Here are the simple wardrobe staples that will help you look your effortless best, with ease.

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What to wear on a cruise

cruise ship

Dining room managers turn people away every night for inappropriate dress
Image source: Anton Watman

Packing for the high seas? Cruise attire is a dress code you can’t afford to mess with. It’s the difference between mingling with ease, being embarrassed on a nightly basis, or worse, banished to your cabin to dine alone. Before you pack everything under the sun and ask your partner to sit on your suitcase while you fasten the catch, read our guide to dressing for a cruise.
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Students – How to dress for undergrad success


Dress for success at uni and you’ll reap the rewards.
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Gone are the days when you could afford to saunter into lectures late, wearing your onesie while still chewing your breakfast. Your university education is costing you a bomb; it’s only worth doing if you make it pay in the future. Here’s how to dress for success while you’re an undergraduate student.
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