How to layer up this autumn


Early autumn is the time to reach for layers
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If falling leaves and dropping temperatures have prompted you to ditch your summer wardrobe in favour of heavy winter clothes, chances are you’ll spend this autumn overheated and stuffy. Instead, let us show you how to layer up for a stylish look that’s perfectly adapted to the ‘shoulder’ seasons.
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The father and son guide to graduation


Congratulations! You’ve both made it through.
Image source: Shutterstock

Congratulations! Your boy made the grade. We’re talking, of course, about graduation – a celebration, of your child’s academic achievement and your excellent work in having produced such an accomplished young adult.

While he might be all sorted, possibly thanks to a rather helpful Samuel Windsor student discount, what about you? Here’s our guide to the big day – everything you need to know about what to expect, and what to wear.
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Father of the bride – what to wear

father of the bride suit

The father of the bride sets the standard for attire
Image source: Sweet ice cream photography

Many families opt for uniformity when planning their wedding attire, hiring morning suits from companies like Moss Bros. While it’s true that this can be a good look, others prefer to define their own style. If that’s you, you can afford to be a little more flamboyant than usual, after all, it’s the best day of your daughter’s life. Here’s what to wear to her wedding.
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