What is a Tattersall shirt?

Model 3 wearing Highfield Long Sleeve Tattersall Shirt from Samuel Windsor

Featured Image: Highfield Long Sleeve Tattersall Shirt from Samuel Windsor

“Tattersall shirt” is a lovely phrase that rolls off the tongue, but what does it mean? Tattersall actually describes a checked pattern on a fabric. It’s stylish. It’s versatile. And it looks just as great with your suit as it does with your jeans at the weekend. Even if you’ve never heard of a Tattersall shirt before, you’ve probably seen one – and once you know a little more about this fascinating fabric, you’ll definitely want one!

But what makes these timeless checked shirts so special?
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What is a panama hat?

Panama hats are stylish and practical and they bring a suave Casablanca quality to any outfit.

If you prefer the understated look, wearing a Panama hat might seem a daunting prospect. Amidst a sea of baseball caps and bucket hats, these classic woven hats definitely stand out. But the Panama is confident, not ostentatious. It’s smart, rather than OTT.

If you’re ready to ditch your ordinary cap for something a little more extraordinary, read our guide to the Panama hat.
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What is tweed fabric?

Tweed Loom

Tweed wonderful tweed
Source: Permanent Style

The word ‘tweed’ conjures up images of farmers and the gentry on shooting trips. But it isn’t just country folk who wear tweed.

Style aficionados have become great fans of the fabric, and tweed is enjoying a fashionable resurgence of late.

But what exactly is tweed, how should it be worn, and who wears it?

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