How to iron trousers

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers with this video from Samuel Windsor

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Smartly pressed trousers with a crisp centre crease are essential if you’re wearing a tailored suit. While trousers can easily look wrinkled, especially if you’re caught out in the rain, it’s incredibly simple to give them a quick press and return them to pristine condition. Ironing isn’t your forte? Once you’ve watched our video and learned a few easy tricks, you’ll look razor-sharp again in no time.

Check out the short video below for some quick and easy tips on ironing trousers…
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Our Facebook friends: we salute you

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Join us and our friends at Facebook!

We love to hear back from our customers. And when people take the time to send us photos and comments about what they’ve bought from Samuel Windsor, we’re doubly delighted.

So we’d like to say thank you to all our friends who take the time to comment and say downright marvellous things on our Facebook page. Our Classic Oxfords are described as “brilliant”, our style choices “fantastic”, and we ourselves as “amazing”. Gentlemen, you honour us.

We’re sharing a few of our favourite comments as a way of tipping our hat to you all. While maintaining our stiff upper lips, of course.

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