Where to wear tweed

Model 2 wearing Samuel Windsor Tweed

Dress to impress in tweed
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Tweed is a perennial favourite for the British gentleman. Once seen as the reserve of the upper class country squire, it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity amongst men of all kinds. Any man can carry off this most distinguished of fabrics for any occasion, be it a wedding, sporting event, car rally or just an hour or so in the pub for a drink.

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Five ways to wear tweed in spring

Closeup of a member of the Tweed Run

Tweed constantly looks stylish – no matter the situation!
Image: aprilante

Spring. One minute you’re in warming sunshine, the next you’re shivering.  It can be tricky to know what to wear! But we have the solution to take the edge off those chillier spring temperatures and keep you looking sharp. Tweed.

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What is tweed fabric?

Closeup of a tweed jacket

Tweed is a versatile fabric
Image: Vitaliy Kyrychuk

The word ‘tweed’ conjures up images of farmers and the gentry on shooting trips. But it isn’t just country folk who wear tweed.

Style aficionados have become great fans of the fabric, and tweed is enjoying a fashionable resurgence of late.

But what exactly is tweed, how should it be worn, and who wears it?

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