Five ways to wear tweed in spring

London tweed run

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The highly fashionable London Tweed Run

Spring. One minute you’re in warming sunshine, the next you’re shivering.  It can be tricky to know what to wear! But we have the solution to take the edge off those chillier spring temperatures and keep you looking sharp. Tweed.

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What is tweed fabric?

Tweed Loom

Tweed wonderful tweed
Source: Permanent Style

The word ‘tweed’ conjures up images of farmers and the gentry on shooting trips. But it isn’t just country folk who wear tweed.

Style aficionados have become great fans of the fabric, and tweed is enjoying a fashionable resurgence of late.

But what exactly is tweed, how should it be worn, and who wears it?

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Tough men in tweed jackets

Sturdy and hard wearing, tweed jackets aren’t normally the sort of clothing you’d associate with hard men and strong arm tactics.

But on the silver screen, tweed makes regular appearances where it’s worn by some of the toughest film characters ever to have toted a Smith and Wesson or a .44 Magnum.

Here we take a look at some bruisers in tweed, men you wouldn’t want to cross.

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