10 Places it’s totally cool to wear a tweed jacket

It doesn’t get much cooler than Tinie Tempah in tweed

It doesn’t get much cooler than Tinie Tempah in tweed
Image source: Museum of London

Tweed has experienced something of an urban revival in recent years. At London Fashion Week 2015, British rapper and singer Tinie Tempah modelled a tweed three-piece-suit designed by Savile Row tailors and the Museum of London.

Tinie’s urban, modern take on the heritage fabric has brought tweed into the 21st Century. And it’s about time too! Not only does a tweed jacket look good with indigo jeans and a white shirt, it works for almost any event or occasion. Here are 10 places you’ll look totally cool in tweed:
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How to wear tweed


There’s a multitude of ways to wear tweed, from formal to casual
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Tweed is all about versatility. It’s the one item you can add to your wardrobe that performs every function you’re ever likely to come across. From casual days out to the smartest of weddings, provided you wear it correctly, tweed will do the job. Here’s how to look great in tweed whatever the occasion.

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A gentleman’s guide to tweed

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Tempted by tweed? With a tailor’s knowledge of this exceptional fabric you’ll find the tweed you need.

Herringbone or houndstooth? Shetland or Cheviot? Harris or Saxony? Find the answers to these tweed conundrums in our stylish guide.

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