How to ditch your overcoat and stay warm


Don’t like to wear a coat? We’ll give you tips to avoid feeling cold.
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A bulky overcoat can seem like a must at this time of year, but if you’re the sort of man who hates feeling bundled up, you’ll be glad to hear that there are ways to stay warm without looking and feeling like the Michelin Man. Here’s how to dress for winter without resorting to the ‘Inuit solution’.
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A gentleman’s guide to tweed

Tweed Guide header

Tempted by tweed? With a tailor’s knowledge of this exceptional fabric you’ll find the tweed you need.

Herringbone or houndstooth? Shetland or Cheviot? Harris or Saxony? Find the answers to these tweed conundrums in our stylish guide.

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Six fancy dress ideas and what they say about you


It’s the start of the silly season for fancy dress parties.
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Ever noticed how some men relish a fancy dress occasion as an opportunity to flounce around in sequinned skirts? If you’re happy to give your inner Priscilla an outing, that’s fine by us, but for alternative subliminal messaging, here’s your guide to choosing a fancy dress costume that says what you want it to say about you.
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