Student guide to internships

Student interns often work together to deliver an end-of-placement project

Student interns often work together to deliver an end-of-placement project
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Get relevant work experience in a field that interests you and you’re far more likely to get the career head start you’re looking for. But what kind of placement should you go after; how do you go about applying, and what should you do when, having nailed the interview, you begin your internship? Here we give you the lowdown on internships – what to look for, what to avoid, and how to make a great impression when you get there.
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10 Clever exam tips for students

student sitting in a cafe doing revision

Get ahead of the revision game with these tips from successful student vloggers
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Work smarter, not harder is a well used phrase, but what does it mean when it comes to study and exams? We’ve found some of the best student YouTube stars who generously share their secrets of study success and revision techniques with you, their fellow undergrads. Why not give their tips a try to see what works for you?
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Students – How to dress for undergrad success


Dress for success at uni and you’ll reap the rewards.
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Gone are the days when you could afford to saunter into lectures late, wearing your onesie while still chewing your breakfast. Your university education is costing you a bomb; it’s only worth doing if you make it pay in the future. Here’s how to dress for success while you’re an undergraduate student.
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