Footwear Fixture: Oxfords vs Brogues

Samuel Windsor Oxford and Brogue shoe competition giveaway

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You’re joining us live on the Samuel Windsor blog as we build up to a showdown that promises to be the greatest lace-off of the year: Oxfords vs Brogues.

This is no bare-knuckle brawl. Our classy heavyweight contenders both come with a high quality track record and excellent credentials. In one corner we have Oxfords: simple, formal shoes that exemplify elegance. In the other corner we have Brogues: versatile, stylish shoes with a colourful past.

Which of these popular men’s leather shoes will you crown the winner – Oxfords or Brogues? Your votes will decide…
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How to straight lace an Oxford shoe

An Oxford shoe is defined by the vamp (lacing section) which is sewn closed at the bottom
Image source: Samuel Windsor

An Oxford is an elegant shoe that requires a plain lacing pattern to complement its effortless simplicity. For this reason, ‘straight’ lacing with a good quality waxed shoelace is the best choice.

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