Belts vs. braces: the prize fight

Boxers in a ring

It’s a showdown
Image: Sergey Nivens

Belt or braces? Here we present a sartorial showdown, a quick-fire guide that’ll help you decide whether to wear braces or a belt.

In one corner we have belts, elegant embracers of hips. In the other, we have braces, those gentlemanly suspenders of legwear since the 18th century.

While choosing braces will help you keep your figure trim and your trousers higher up on your waist, adding elegance to any outfit, wearing a belt offers all round support and more versatile styling. But which one is the real winner?

Ding ding ding! Let the showdown begin.

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Don’t be afraid of colour!

Man holding a colour wheel at a desk with laptop.

Embrace colour this season
Image: wavebreakmedia

You like the idea of adding a splash of colour to your outfit, but you’re not sure whether your choice is inspirational, or makes you look like a mad parrot?

If this is you, you’re in good company. It’s a sad fact but the majority of men out there are held captive by navy blue, charcoal grey and beige, and all because they don’t know their colour theory.

Guys – it’s simple. Here’s the low down on how to lose the drab drapes.

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