How to wear a linen suit

Model 2 wearing a linen jacket

A linen suit is essential for any summer wardrobe
Image source: Samuel Windsor

High on the list of summer-tailoring must-haves, is a linen suit. A favourite of Hollywood stars, well-heeled businessmen, and even heads of state, a linen suit can take you effortlessly from a business trip to a summer wedding. Here’s our guide on how to get it right.
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Fitness fanatic or armchair sportsman? Tips to get the right suit for your shape.

england rugby squad

The England rugby team looking sharp in team suits after winning the World Cup
Image: BombDog / CC BY (

You can look great in a suit, whatever your body shape. Just look at this year’s England Six Nations Rugby team – big blokes all, and not a stretched seam in sight. As rugby blogger Total Flanker says, they look the “mutt’s nuts.

Unlike the RFU squad, we can’t all have our suits tailored by Eden Park. But the good news is, an off the peg suit can look just as good as a bespoke number, provided you know what to look for.
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