Six fancy dress ideas and what they say about you


It’s the start of the silly season for fancy dress parties.
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Ever noticed how some men relish a fancy dress occasion as an opportunity to flounce around in sequinned skirts? If you’re happy to give your inner Priscilla an outing, that’s fine by us, but for alternative subliminal messaging, here’s your guide to choosing a fancy dress costume that says what you want it to say about you.
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Five ways to look awesome in a three-piece tweed suit


Wear it together or split it up, a tweed 3-piece suit is incredibly versatile.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

The fashion world is in love with tweed. And why not? It’s rugged, warm, stylish, versatile, uniquely British, and it could be your key to a super stylish autumn. A classic three-piece tweed suit revolutionises your workwear and does wonders for your smart casual wardrobe too. Here’s how to wear yours.
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What to wear to court


Unless you’re a barrister, leave the wig at home
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Going to court? One thing you can be certain of – you’ll be judged on your appearance. Court has to be one of the most important places to make a good first impression. Whether you’re in the dock, on the witness stand, addressing the jury, or attending the public gallery, it’s vital to project the right image.

Admittedly if you’re a barrister or the judge, all you need is your cape and wig. For everyone else we’re laying down the law: here’s what to wear to court.
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