Samuel Windsor’s #dresslikeyouricon campaign

side by side shot of Gary at Norton of Morton against Steve McQueen

Pay homage to your favourite stars
Image: Norton of Morton

Some men will always be style icons – men like James Dean, Steve McQueen and Sean Connery’s Bond. Channelling some of these fashion heroes is a great way to spruce up your own style.

We challenged four stylish gents to do just that – recreating their favourite looks using pieces from the Samuel Windsor collection. The results, we think you’ll agree, are truly iconic.

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Why linen works in warm weather


Whether its a suit, blazer or short sleeved shirt – linen is the way to go when the temperature rises.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If the mere sight of summer sun is enough to send you in search of the air-con button, it’s time you discovered the virtues of linen. In fact, everyone who likes to look dapper when all about them swelter should make a point of adding linen to their summer wardrobe. Here’s why linen keeps you cool, and how to wear it with confidence.Continue reading

The gentlemen’s club


Ever wondered what goes on in a private gentlemen’s club?
Image source: Nejron Photo

Are you a White’s, Brooks’s or Boodle’s kind of chap? You’ll need some pretty impressive connections if you plan to become a member of one of London’s top gentlemen’s clubs. But even if you’re more likely to become a Rotarian than a member of the Garrick, dressing like someone who’d grace the hallowed halls of Clubland will surely stand you in good stead.

Here we take a look at the top clubs for big smoke toffs, and assuming you meet the criteria for membership – after all you’re a Samuel Windsorian if nothing else – here’s everything you need to know. Where to go, what to wear, and who you might meet once you get there.
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