What to look for in a velvet Jacket

Velvet Jacket

Dine in style with velvet.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

When looking for a new velvet jacket you should look for quality, colour, versatility, and most importantly clothing to complement your sophisticated style.

Velvet is synonymous with luxury – good velvet should have a high shine, a deep pile, and a soft finish. This will help you distinguish it from cheaper fabrics that won’t wear as well or won’t have the same quality as proper velvet, such as velour and velveteen.

Here are some tips for finding the right velvet jacket to suit your style.

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The mature man’s guide to wearing shorts


Get the fabric, fit and style right and you can wear shorts at any age.
Image source: Samuel Windsor’s range of shorts

Who says men over 40 shouldn’t wear shorts? Your age is irrelevant; it’s hot and you don’t want to wear trousers – what else would you choose? But if you are on the far side of forty, it is particularly important to get the fabric, the fit and the styling right.

Here’s your guide to shorts – everything you need to know to wear yours with confidence.
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