Walking in a Samuel #WindsorWonderland

This dog tie from Samuel Windsor is not just for Christmas!
Image source: Norton of Morton

If you’re fed up with getting socks for Christmas, why not take a wander through our #WindsorWonderland collection? Here you’ll find gifts you’ll love, beautifully packaged. Now all you need to do is drop some hints in the right places and who knows? Maybe Santa will deliver this year.

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7 of the best rugged men’s jumpers

Cosy knitwear is one of the best things about winter

Cosy knitwear is one of the best things about winter
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Pulling on a rugged jumper on a frosty morning is a pleasure which, like the smell of freshly roasted coffee, or the crackle of the fire in the hearth, is one of the best compensations for our long winters.
We all love the cosy texture of winter knitwear – which is why, here at Samuel Windsor, we’ve searched high and low to deliver a fantastic range of men’s jumpers to warm your cockles this season. Here are seven of our favourite rugged jumpers to take you from long country walks through to a night in with Netflix.
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Formal jumpers for men

There’s an art to pulling off an office pullover like a gent.

There’s an art to pulling off a formal office pullover like a gent.
Image source: Ysbrand Cosijn

Is it really OK to wear a jumper in the office? A warm sweater might make your commute a more comfortable experience, but when it comes to down to business, should you ditch the knitwear or risk looking unprofessional? Here we take a look at formal men’s jumpers, and give you our verdict on appropriate woollens for men at work.
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