Five textures for the modern man



The best-dressed men know that is takes colour and texture to make a statement
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Looking good is about more than getting your colour combinations right – it’s also about using textured fabrics to create balanced ensembles. Here we run you through five popular textures and explain how to wear them with style.

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The best of classic British menswear

Man's accessories on wooden floor

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Handmade is the perfect way to add individuality

British fashion is a world leader. But British manufacturing has become rarer in recent years. It may take a little extra effort to find, but buying classic British menswear is well is well worth the time and investment. Not only do you get to show your support for British craftspeople, style and industry, but you can populate your wardrobe with products that have history and provenance, as well as offering individuality, quality, and style. Where do you start? From wool scarves to heritage shoes, here are some key items to consider if you’re looking to add a little handmade pizzazz to your wardrobe.

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The waistcoat through history

Elaborately embroidered waistcoat

Image: Feline Groovy on Flickr
The waistcoat has evolved from elaborate courtwear to everyday business attire

From its courtly beginnings in the 16th century to its modern status as a staple for bridegrooms, businessmen and boyband members, the waistcoat has a long and illustrious history.

A truly British invention, more than one brush with royalty has shaped the style in which we create and wear what was once just a humble vest.

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