How to wear corduroy

Corduroy is the ideal fabric for warmth and style this winter
Image source: Samuel Windsor

It seems GQ and Vogue are rediscovering the merits of corduroy, raving about this most sophisticated, luxurious, yet hard wearing of fabrics. Here at Samuel Windsor, we don’t know what all the fuss is about – we’ve always known gents look great in cords. Here’s how to wear this fashionable fabric with style.
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How to choose a tie


So many ties, so how do you choose?
Image source: Fedor Selivanov

Ties are an intrinsic part of many men’s daily lives. Far from fading into the background, they provide a useful pop of colour, or in some cases, a talking point to break the ice at social events.

Originally worn by Croatian troops stationed in Paris during the 17th century, ties were soon adopted by royalty and then rapidly taken up by the general population. Whether you’re hoping to project regal gravitas or rakish style, we’ll show you how to choose the right tie for the job.
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How to layer up this autumn


Early autumn is the time to reach for layers
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If falling leaves and dropping temperatures have prompted you to ditch your summer wardrobe in favour of heavy winter clothes, chances are you’ll spend this autumn overheated and stuffy. Instead, let us show you how to layer up for a stylish look that’s perfectly adapted to the ‘shoulder’ seasons.
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