Five smart alternatives to a linen suit

Samuel Windsor's five alternatives to linen suits

Image source: still from ‘Agatha Christie’s Poirot’ – ITV television series

Resplendent in his linen suit and panama hat, Hercule Poirot was unruffled and immaculate as he cruised down the Nile. But sadly, for many of us, if you mix humidity, a rotund mid-section and a full linen suit, the result is a rumpled sweatball swaddled in moist rags. Fortunately, there are other ways to keep your cool this summer. Here are five crisp alternatives to the linen suit for graduations, christenings, weddings, and all manner of smart summer events.
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How to clean a silk tie

man in gold tie and beige jacket

A handmade silk tie is the finishing touch to any smart outfit.
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As we all know, silk is a tricky fabric to clean, so what do you do when your silk tie gets dirty? A luxury silk tie can add a splash of panache or generally smarten up your look, and over time they’ve become a mainstay of formal attire. You can be as careful as you like, but ties are a relatively high-risk garment for food and drink stains. 

Panic may set in when you realise the arrabbiata went awry, but don’t feel you have to throw your tie away and buy a new one until you’ve tried these tips for getting tricky stains out of silk ties.

How to clean a silk tie at home

    1. Remove greasy stains with cornflour or talcum powder
    2. Use rubbing alcohol and a hair-dryer
    3. Use a stain remove
    4. Take your tie to the dry cleaners

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Five ways to wear a boating blazer this summer


Make a statement in a boating blazer this summer.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

They’re loud, proud and traditionally associated with straw hats, rowing races and the Henley regatta. But there’s more to a boating blazer than a gentrified picnic on the riverbank. Find out how the modern man wears his summer jacket with style and panache.
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