Men’s seasonal clothing guide

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Choosing men’s clothing to suit each season can be a challenge. Colours, materials and layers all need careful consideration.

Why are pastel shades better in summer? What is ‘seersucker’? Are moleskin trousers tough enough for winter?

Discover the answers to these clothing conundrums and more in our seasonal clothing guide for men.
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How well do you know your collars?

Collars: an overlooked, but essential part of the modern wardrobe
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The collar is an overlooked area of the average man’s wardrobe which nevertheless has a lot to offer. Here’s your chance to be a collar scholar – our guide to men’s collars.Continue reading

Five textures for the modern man



The best-dressed men know that is takes colour and texture to make a statement
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Looking good is about more than getting your colour combinations right – it’s also about using textured fabrics to create balanced ensembles. Here we run you through five popular textures and explain how to wear them with style.

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