Why smart men wear pyjamas

dapper pyjamas

Cut a dash in a dapper set of pyjamas.
Image Source: Everett Collection

Men don’t wear pyjamas nearly often enough. In fact, according to a recent YouGov poll, just 41% of men say they always, or sometimes, wear PJs. But if you’re one of the 59% of men who don’t do nightwear, it’s about time you changed your tune.

Why do smart men wear pyjamas? Look to your favourite silver screen hero of yesteryear – these gents knew that ‘slipping into something a little more comfortable’ helped regulate their temperature for better quality sleep, and gave the neighbours something worth whispering about!
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Last minute Christmas gifts for dads

ready for christmas

Image source: shutterstock
All ready for Christmas? Or not quite…

Now we’re firmly in last minute shopping territory. If you haven’t nailed it already, the vexed question of what to buy for your dad raises its ugly head.

Our advice – forget your classic ‘safe bets’ – the senior-most sir in your life will love a selection from our eclectic list of less obvious gift options. And the good news: If you order today, there’s still time for delivery before Christmas – just!

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8 exciting facts about slippers

slippers and snoozing man

There’s more to slippers than this…

Just when you think you really know your slippers, another amazing attribute is revealed about our idolised indoor shoes.

Yes, they’re comfy, practical, snuggly, even. But they also have an exciting secret life. And here are eight amazing slipper facts to prove it:

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