Summer shoes for men who hate sandals

Summer shoes for men who hate wearing sandals

Sandals aren’t the only shoes that work well with shorts.
Image source: Liv friis-larsen

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with feet per se, it’s simply that your particular pair look like the scaly claws of a long dead turkey. That’s what happens when you top the brow of the hill and begin your long descent into great age.

But if an invite to a barbecue, or a looming beach holiday sees you baulking at the idea of putting your scabrous trotters on view, here’s your answer – slip on summer shoes for men who hate sandals.
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31 shoe facts to help you win a pub quiz


Turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about our footwear!
image source: Creative Lab

You never know when you’ll need a top-notch “shoe fact”. So just in case you’re asked – or if you’re setting the quiz questions for a brain teaser down at your local pub, here are 31 of our favourite facts about shoes.

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The evolution of football boots


All the teams due to play in the Football World Cup, 2018
Image: kovop58

If, when you picture a pair of football boots, you see leather with screw-in metal studs, not only are you middle aged, you’re plain old out of touch. What with World Cup 2018 nearly upon us, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on footy boots – from the very first boots to the footwear which gives today’s stars the edge over their rivals.

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