The ultimate winter shoe guide


Don’t be underprepared this winter
Image source: alexkatkov

There’s always someone who arrives at the office woefully under-clad for the conditions. Often it’s the guy who, despite the wind and rain, doesn’t feel the need for a coat, or an umbrella, or a decent pair of winter shoes. You know what they say: No sense, no feeling.

Any man worth his salt takes care of himself, and between the months of October and April, that means doing whatever it takes to keep your feet warm and dry, and your good self in the upright position come rain or snow.
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Loafers – this season’s must-have shoe


Suede is ideal for summer loafers.
Image source: Samuel Windsor tan driving shoe and blue moccasin.

It’s time to get your loaf on. We’re talking classic summer shoes that look great with your suit, smart casuals and even your shorts. Loafers are this season’s must-have shoe – every well dressed gent needs a pair.

And loafers have a fascinating history. Each style has its own identity and story to tell. Which of the following 7 loafers best suits your personality? We’ll tell you what to buy and how to wear your loafers.
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Change your shoes – change your life

people running

Embrace change – a new pair of shoes might be all that is holding you back
Image source: Shutterstock

If, as the saying goes, “you can tell a man by his shoes”, what would you like your shoes to say about you? Here’s how you can change the way you look and feel by changing your shoes.
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