The evolution of football boots


All the teams due to play in the Football World Cup, 2018
Image: kovop58

If, when you picture a pair of football boots, you see leather with screw-in metal studs, not only are you middle aged, you’re plain old out of touch. What with World Cup 2018 nearly upon us, we thought we’d give you the lowdown on footy boots – from the very first boots to the footwear which gives today’s stars the edge over their rivals.

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Shoelaces guide for gentlemen – infographic

shoelaces guide

From loops to laces, everything a gentleman needs to know about tying a shoe.

Choosing the correct shoelaces is surprisingly complex. And with a wide choice of lacing techniques, are you giving your feet the best possible support with a traditional lacing pattern? Wide feet, narrow heels, high insteps – no matter what your foot shape, there’s a lacing technique to help.

So gents, it’s time to pay attention to the detail. Here’s an infographic guide to tell you everything you need to know about laces and lacing…

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How to clean and protect mens suede shoes


Everything you need to know to keep your suede shoes in top condition.
Image: gogoiso

If you’ve ever been put off buying a snazzy pair of suede shoes because you think they’re a nightmare to keep clean, you’re in for a surprise. Because while it’s true that suede takes a bit more care than leather, the extra effort really is minimal. Here’s all you need to know to keep your suede kicks in top condition.
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