Complete guide to men’s deck shoes

Deck shoes from Samuel Windsor

Deck shoes are a stylish choice for summer
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If you’re a yachtsman, you’ll know the value of a decent pair of deck or boat shoes, but this versatile footwear is suitable for a much wider variety of summer activities than just sailing. To help you get the most from them, here’s our complete guide to men’s deck shoes – everything you need to know about looking great on and off the water.
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Footwear Fixture: Oxfords vs Brogues

Samuel Windsor Oxford and Brogue shoe competition giveaway

Vote for your favourite style & a chance to win a pair of Samuel Windsor shoes

You’re joining us live on the Samuel Windsor blog as we build up to a showdown that promises to be the greatest lace-off of the year: Oxfords vs Brogues.

This is no bare-knuckle brawl. Our classy heavyweight contenders both come with a high quality track record and excellent credentials. In one corner we have Oxfords: simple, formal shoes that exemplify elegance. In the other corner we have Brogues: versatile, stylish shoes with a colourful past.

Which of these popular men’s leather shoes will you crown the winner – Oxfords or Brogues? Your votes will decide…
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Summer shoes for men who hate sandals

Summer shoes for men who hate wearing sandals

Sandals aren’t the only shoes that work well with shorts.
Image source: Liv friis-larsen, shutterstock

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with feet per se, it’s simply that your particular pair look like the scaly claws of a long dead turkey. That’s what happens when you top the brow of the hill and begin your long descent into great age.

If an invite to a barbecue, or a looming beach holiday has you baulking at the idea of displaying your trotters, here’s your answer – lightweight summer shoes for men who hate sandals.
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