How to wear a polo shirt

polo shirts from Samuel Windsor

Polo shirts are a versatile option that can be dressed up or down
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Invented by Jean René Lacoste in the 1920s, the polo shirt was designed as a practical alternative to the starched long sleeved shirts tennis players traditionally wore on court. Fast forward a century, and polo shirts are now a wardrobe staple that perfectly bridges the gap between smart and casual. Here’s how to ace the fit, colour and fabric of your polo shirt – game, set and match. 

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How to wear a short sleeved shirt

Short sleeve shirt from Samuel Windsor

Look smart while keeping cool.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

What’s the toughest sartorial challenge known to mankind? Simple – it’s how to keep cool while looking sharp. For those who dwell in smart-casual circles, warm weather can be a nightmare.Luckily, there’s one look coming in from the cold, which helps you square the circle. Both smart and casual, it’s the short sleeved shirt. Here’s how to wear yours with confidence.
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Why shirts have collars

Long Sleeve Tattersall Shirt (Severn) from Samuel Windsor

Collars have a long and interesting history
Image: Long Sleeve Tattersall Shirt (Severn) from Samuel Windsor

The humble shirt collar has come a long way since the days of the bard, when ruffs were the size of dinner plates. It’s a fascinating story – a tale of enlightenment, the industrial revolution, cutting edge science, and ever-changing fashions.

Here we investigate men’s shirt collars – everything you need to know about the evolution of the style detail that was once seen as the hallmark of a man’s status and class. 

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