How to make the most of retirement

Retired couple sitting on a wall on holiday

Enjoy your golden years in style
Image: Daniel Myjones

Retiring? With the curtain falling on your professional life, now’s your chance to finally get around to fulfilling your dreams. Take up a new hobby, get back to nature, hit the road – whatever you always wanted to do but never had time for – now is the time. Need a little inspiration? Here are some great ideas for things to do, courtesy of some of our favourite bloggers.

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10 things older men do better

Two mature men playing chess in the open air

With age comes wisdom
Image source: Olena Yakobchuk

There are plenty of things that older men do better than younger guys. It turns out that not everything goes south once you hit forty. In fact, there are some aspects of life at which the more mature man excels. Feel a little long in the tooth? Here are ten of our favourite reasons to be cheerful.
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10 Clever exam tips for students

student sitting in a cafe doing revision

Get ahead of the revision game with these tips from successful student vloggers
Image: fizkes

Work smarter, not harder is a well used phrase, but what does it mean when it comes to study and exams? We’ve found some of the best student YouTube stars who generously share their secrets of study success and revision techniques with you, their fellow undergrads. Why not give their tips a try to see what works for you?
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