Best of the box this autumn

Autumn's all about warm slippers and great TV

Autumn’s all about warm slippers and great TV
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As the nights draw in, no doubt you’re looking forward to spending the autumn evenings on your favourite hobbies. But when you tire of fly-tying, origami, and the driving range, you might find yourself wondering what’s on the box. Here to help as you bung on your loungewear and comfy new slippers for a night in front of the telly, is our guide to the best things to watch this season.
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Time to kick the bucket list


Set yourself free from the burden of list chasing!
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It’s great to have adventures, but for every person who posts their successful bucket list feats all over social media, there are many more of us who would struggle to fill a beaker with momentous undertakings.

We reckon it’s time to give the bucket list the boot. And what’s more, says Suzy Strutner, over on HuffPost, you’ll be much happier for it. Amongst her 7 Reasons Not To Make A Bucket List, she says that having one “sets a…standard for yourself, and it’s a standard you’re not likely to meet. Ditching it erases the potential for regret and allows you to celebrate the trips that you do accomplish.

So here are Samuel Windsor’s easy bucket list alternatives. Go knock yourself out!
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