Make a fashion statement for men’s health

Close up macro of a curled moustache

Be part of the ‘mo’vement…

Bad fashion statement? Only OK if you’re Tom Selleck? Or a must have accoutrement for RAF flying heroes?

Opinions vary when it comes to the merits of the moustache. But now, a ‘tache’ is more than an accessory like a snappy hat or a snazzy pair of shoes for men, it’s also a political statement. Yes – it’s that time of year again – Movember – a time when we take a serious look at male health issues.

As well as drawing attention to male cancers, this Movember is also about male mental health. And with good reason because as you’ll see, the figures are staggering.

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What to do with an old shoebox

We’ve heard of kids putting spiders in match boxes and ladybirds in jam jars, but we’ve never heard of a puppy in a shoebox!

Kims dog

Image source: Kim in graphics

But your shoe box doesn’t have to become a second home for pets. We’ve thought of three ways that a shoe box can help keep mens shoes and clothes tidy.

So sorry pal, but you’re going to have to come out of the box!

Make a drawer store for your accessories


Image source: Neatest Organizing
The untidiness hurts our eyes!

It may be necessary for you to cut the top of the shoe box to size, but by placing them inside a draw you can make simple dividers. Use paper clips to keep them in place and use the lids of the shoeboxes to make extra dividers.

Once you have it set up as you see fit, you can store socks, ties, belts and any other accessory a gentleman needs. Thrifty!

Make a mini shoe care kit

saphir shoe care

Image source: Preventi
Take care!

If you have been looking after your leather shoes, then you are likely to have all manner of brushes, polishes, conditioning cream and wax.

And what better way to store your shoe care equipment, than in the very shoe box your shoes came in?

Store your shoes

If you only wear your deck shoes in summer and your biker boots in winter, what do you do with them the rest of the time? Store them away!

Shoe trees are a great way to keep your shoes in shape, but if you haven’t got any or are worried about dust, you could re-use your shoe box instead.

Keep the paper that your shoes came in and place them back in the box when they aren’t being worn. This will help keep shape, and also will limit the amount of dust that will eventually dry out the leather on your shoes.

And one final thing you could do…

Are you a cat or dog person? We’ve seen a puppy in a box, now we have a customer’s cat, who thinks he’s suave enough to make the prestige range! What do you think?

cute cat in a shoe box

Image source: Twitter
This cat doesn’t come with your order

Movember style inspirations

It’s Movember – the month of moustache growing for men’s health awareness.

If you’re a ‘Mo bro’ – a member of the brethren, adorning your top lip for charity, you’ll probably be going through the itchy stage by now. So here’s a little food for thought to take your mind of that top lip tickle. What are you going to wear with your burgeoning tea strainer?

To give you some ideas, here we take a look at the men’s fashions that have followed the evolution of the mo’.

19th Century Renegade

hristo botev

A high collar and bow are must have pieces for this look
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re partial to a bit of steampunkery, you’ll no doubt relish the prospect of cultivating a spectacular Victorian style moustache, beard combo. But did you know that in the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign, moustaches and beards were frowned upon as the indulgence of revolutionaries? It wasn’t until the 1860s that facial hair became the must have accessory for the self respecting gent.

Pictured above is the Bulgarian rebel and national hero, Hristo Botev. To emulate the great man, you’ll have to practise beetling your brow and glaring with revolutionary zeal. Being throttled by your high starched collar and bow tie will probably help. This is a good look for those with luxuriant hair.

First World War Officer

Poppy field

Team with a poppy and wear with pride
Source: Wikimedia Commons

From 1860 to 1916 it was compulsory for British army officers to wear a moustache. The facial hair was seen then as a symbol of maturity, virility and manliness. The rule was relaxed in 1916 due to the difficulty hair causes in getting a good seal on a gas mask.

Other sources suggest the rule was dropped because it was so roundly ignored in the muddy misery of the trenches.

More poignantly it’s been suggested that as the war progressed, the age of young officers fell significantly. Eventually, those leading their men over the top were only capable of growing a smudge of down on their top lips. Perhaps it’s worth considering wearing a poppy with your mo’.


Sammy Davis Jr

Sammy Davis Jr and his pencil moustache
Source: Wikimedia Commons

If you’re partial to swing, you could do worse than emulate the moustachioed look of 1960s brat pack member, Sammy Davis Junior.  Along with fellow entertainers, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, he was the very epitome of chic. Well known for their excesses, members of the brat pack nevertheless took their work as professional entertainers extremely seriously – an assertion borne out by their impressive output of records, films and live shows.

And with those smooth sounds, razor sharp suits and quality shoes, boy have the rat pack stood the test of time. To stand any chance of emulating Sammy Davis Jnr – the so called ‘Mister Show Business’ – you’ll have to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, which means keeping your pencil moustache trimmed to perfection.

All Action Hero

Burt Reynolds

Burt and his bushy mo
Source: Alan Light via Wikimedia Commons

Moving onto the 1970s and moustaches got considerably bushier. With his rugged good looks and trademark ‘chevron’ moustache, Burt Reynolds is probably the world’s finest exponent of the 70s ‘tache. Showing his age these days, the 77 year old actor has recently suffered failing health and a somewhat ‘iffy’ facelift.

But in his heyday, films like Deliverance, Gator and Smokey and the Bandit, made Reynolds a household name. If you want to ape his look opt for denim shirt and stetson, or as seen here, a button down shirt and leather jacket. Now that’s 70s cool.

Wear with Pride

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck’s face ferret
Source: Dfree

Fashions come and go – and we’re still waiting for the renaissance of the moustache in popular fashion. Perhaps the last time the ‘face ferret’ was in vogue was the 1980s. Freddie Mercury was never without one and Eddie Murphy frequently sported one. But perhaps the era’s most glorious soup strainer belonged to the American actor, Tom Selleck, star of the smash hit TV series, Magnum PI.

Set in Hawaii, the star of the series is Selleck’s beach bum private investigator, Thomas Sullivan Magnum IV. He’s a sleuth with a penchant for aloha shirts and deck shoes – a good look but perhaps suitable only for Mo Bro’s planning a late autumn sun holiday.

Fancy joining in? Head over to the Movember website and find out more.