Expert tips for magnificent moustaches

Man with a moustache and a pipe

Make sure you’re covered for Movember with these expert tips
Image: Eugenio Marongiu/Shutterstock

The popularity of the moustache has a chequered history. At some points it was condemned as a sign of ‘going native’ while during others it was acclaimed as a symbol of courage and determination. From 1860 to 1916, British Army soldiers were actually required to grow a moustache as part of their uniform!

Fancy growing a moustache of your own? We spoke to Joe Pomper, Head Barber at Murdock London, and Anthony McGrath of Clothes Make The Man for their professional advice. Whether you’re raising money for charity during Movember or inspired by stylistic dramas like ‘Narcos’, here are some expert tips to get you started…

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13 Money saving and finance bloggers

Collection of money on a table

Get your finances in order with advice from some of the UK’s best money saving bloggers
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For many of us, it has never been so important to cut costs or put money aside for a rainy day. To help you reduce your cost of living and hopefully add to your savings, here are some great tips from some of the best money-saving and finance bloggers on the web. These are the blogs to bookmark if you’d like to build wealth or live more frugally.

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