Time to join the Round Table?

Group of men posing on bicycles

Join the ‘global brotherhood’ of the Round Table
Image: Evgeny Bakharev

How do you fancy “having fun with a great bunch of mates and trying something new”? If you’re a man aged between 18 and 45, are active and ambitious, love to help good causes and have a thirst for fun and adventure, the Round Table could be just what you’re looking for. With over 30,000 members around the world, you’ll be joining a truly global brotherhood of young men who like to do stuff.

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Lions Clubs – is it time you joined the pride?

Group of friends and volunteers on a field

Lions Clubs encourages members to give back to their local community
Image: Rawpixel.com

How would you like to roll your sleeves up, serve your local community, help solve global problems, improve the life chances of young people, and all while meeting people and having fun? 

If that sounds appealing, Lions Clubs might be for you. Here we take a look at what the Lions Clubs International is, what its members do and what they most enjoy about being a member of the Lions pride.

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How to motivate children and teens at home

Little girl and dad excited as they finished homework

Keep kids motivated as they continue to study from home
Image: Veres Production

Life in lockdown is a challenge for everyone. And while younger family members might have found it a novelty to begin with, not being able to see friends, go to school or pursue normal activities is beginning to take its toll. Want to know how to encourage kids to continue with remote learning and keep their spirits up? Take a look at these helpful tips from some of the UK’s most inspirational teachers.

Professional advice from: Adam Robbins of Reflections in Science; Jamie Thom of Slow Teaching; Harry Fletcher-Wood of Improving Teaching.

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