Five simple ways to nail Valentine’s Day (and avoid arguments)

in the dog house

Don’t end up in the dog house this Valentine’s Day
Image Source: Jordan Davis

Take it from a female – Valentine’s Day means more to us ladies than you imagine. Don’t be fooled when she agrees with you that it’s commercial and overrated. Odds are, one of her friends will be crowing about the HUGE romantic gesture her partner made and your girl will be left feeling undervalued and under-appreciated by your total lack of effort.

I know, I know. You loathe Valentine’s Day and everything it represents. But 14th February is the one day of the year when she’ll resent you, rather than respect you, for those principles of yours. Fear not. You don’t have to go to extremes to get it right. Here are some simple, easy ways to show her you care and avoid that unnecessary Valentine’s argument.
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Winter Olympics dress code


The Jamaican bobsled team struggled with the cold in Disney’s film, Cool Runnings
Image Source: Disney

The 2018 winter olympics in PyeongChang is forecast to be the coldest on record with temperatures set to dip to an icy minus 14 celsius during the opening ceremony.

As organisers hand out blankets and heat packs to mitigate the risk of frostbite and hypothermia among spectators, we take a look at the athletes’ equipment – what they’ll be using and wearing. Here regulations are so strict, a stray piece of tape could cost you your medal.
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How to beat blue Monday


Don’t struggle on Blue Monday. Here’s how to pick yourself up at any time of year
Image source: Shutterstock

The third Monday in January is, if the pseudo-scientists are to be believed, the most depressing day of the year. Christmas has come and gone, leaving you fat, skint and miserable. What you need is a strategy for beating the blues. This is it.
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