Top five summer hats for men

summer hat

A stylish summer hat can transform your look
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A hat is the ultimate accessory for the stylish man. To make sure you stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, here’s our guide to classic hats – and how to choose the right head wear to complement the shape of your face.
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Mens Hats – The Complete Guide

Samuel Windsor Hats guide
Hats give a man distinction, confidence and protection. This diagrammatic guide will help you find the perfect hat to top your appearance.

Confused about what crown to request? Will a flat cap suit a square face? Do you know your bowlers from your boaters?

To cure your confusion, we’ve created this colourful and comprehensive men’s hats infographic:
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What is a panama hat?

Panama hats are stylish and practical and they bring a suave Casablanca quality to any outfit.

If you prefer the understated look, wearing a Panama hat might seem a daunting prospect. Amidst a sea of baseball caps and bucket hats, these classic woven hats definitely stand out. But the Panama is confident, not ostentatious. It’s smart, rather than OTT.

If you’re ready to ditch your ordinary cap for something a little more extraordinary, read our guide to the Panama hat.
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