How to embrace baldness

happy bald man

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Be happy with your baldness!

Most men experience some hair loss by the age of thirty, but it still comes as a shock to realise you’re losing your locks.

Rather than fight the inevitable, our advice is to embrace your shiny dome!  Read on to discover why bald can be best!

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How Jeremy Corbyn could smarten up his act.

Jeremy Corbyn – at the front of political style?
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GQ magazine says Jeremy Corbyn is “the only party leader with true personal style”. The six-times winner of the “Parliamentary Beard of the Year” award is as well known for his shambolic dress sense as he is for his ‘old labour’ left-leaning politics.

But wearing what you want will only get you so far. Picture JC meeting the next President of the United states, or hobnobbing with world leaders at Davos. We think you’ll agree that while individuality is important, so is looking your best. Here we provide some timely advice for sloppy dressers. Mr Corbyn, take note – here’s how to tweak your style to be yourself and still look good.

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The head to toe of immaculate grooming

bad haircut

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Not too much off the… oh

You’re the sort of guy who pays attention to his appearance and you look good in a suit and tie. But do you look immaculate? We all like to be spick and span all the time but who has all day to spend achieving perfection? We take a look at what’s required to truly look your best. No shortcuts, gents, top to toe grooming takes effort and attention to detail. Here’s your route map to male grooming excellence.

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