Which fragrance is right for you?

bottles of scents

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Choose your perfume wisely

A splash of good quality fragrance is the final flourish on a gentleman’s outfit. But which one to choose? There’s a massive range of perfumes, colognes and aftershaves on the market.

Still wearing your 20th Century cologne? Then it’s time for a rethink, and we’re here to help. Here’s our guide to finding the best scent for you, and applying it like a savvy gent, whatever your style.
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Marvelling at the Moustache

Man in bowtie and glasses with beach and moustache

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The moustache is back!

Moustache. Mouthbrow. Crumb catcher. Flavour saver. Upper lipholstery. Whatever you call it, we can all agree that the moustache is back in style.

If you’re one of the gents still sporting yours from the 70s, congratulations, you’re leading the charge. But if you’re a recent member of the moustachioed masses – welcome to the brotherhood.

 Regardless of the age of your tash, it’s fair to assume that a refresher course in moustache maintenance and appreciation is always welcome, especially with Movember fast approaching.

 So with that in mind, consider this our hat-tip to top-lip topiary.

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The modern man’s guide to hair removal

man waxing

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Deep breath now, this won’t hurt a bit…

There are plenty of reasons why, as a modern man, you might want to remove your natural body fuzz.

For sportsmen, being sleek lessens chafe and can enhance performance, for desk jockeys being free of body hair can be more comfortable and hygienic. Or perhaps you simply like the look and feel of a smooth body.

Our guide to body hair removal for men gives you the info you need to be as smooth as you want to be.

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