Men’s Fashion Blogs Tailored for You

Here at Samuel Windsor, we love fashion and thought we’d share some blogs that love fashion too.

Keep stylish, smart and sophisticated with our picks from the men’s fashion blogosphere.

Well Dressed Dad

Dog with brogues on

Fed Dog loves brogues

‘Back from the brink of being an ill dressed, overweight, 40ish man.’ That’s how blogger Nick describes his fashion journey.

As well as his interest in clothes, Nick has a passion for ‘manitques’ – antiques for men. Want to know how to be middle aged and elegant? Look no further.

The Gentleman Blogger

matthew zorpas

Matthew Zorpas – The Gentleman Blogger

“I personally find kilts an essential part of my wardrobe,” says Matthew Zorpas. Don’t agree? Well you could always don the James Dean look like James Franco, who also appears in this blog.

This site features a broad range of style ideas and collections, in a high fashion, meets gentleman cross over.

Keep Fronting

Keep Fronting

Keep Fronting

Should I wear a cape or mask if I am dressing as a superhero? Answer that all important question and more with the blog of the West London based collaborative fashion project.

According to them, “style exists when drawn from many sources rather than one place.”They also offer their opinion on ‘anything cool, interesting or quirky too.’

Gentlemans Butler

gentlemans butler

Gentlemans Butler – Michael Grenville

Michael Grenville shows you Indian bathrobes for the summer heat, and how to treat a lady to luxurious lingerie. Gentlewomen and gentlemen have a new fashion home.

Smell, look and act like James Bond with this quintessentially British blog.

Men’s Style and Fashion Aficionado

Terence Sambo

Terence Sambo – Style Aficionado

Who knew that George Clooney, a brown bear and Willie Nelson could share the same page? Written by Nigerian Londoner, Terrence Sambo this blog is all about what he ‘digs’.

Recently that’s been Bradley Wiggins’ new collection. With lots of short, sharp, snappy posts it’s as much 24/7 fashion news as it is a blog.

Clothes Make the Man

Black and white drawing

Clothes Make the Man

Mark Twain said that naked people have ‘little or no influence in society’. It’s a message that blogger ‘A.M’ has taken to heart.

Whatever your fashion sense you’ll find something here. With the summer holidays upon us, you might like to check out the stunning collection of swim shorts – our favourite, the Aloha Hibiscus print by Hacket.

Grey Fox Blog

grey fox

The Grey Fox

“The fashion industry is blind to a large, affluent market – middle aged men.” That’s the opinion of the Grey Fox. His advice for dressing after 40 is to keep it simple and comfortable.

But it’s not just straight forward fashion advice you’ll find here. This is a blog that explores ageless style, and it’s written by a man who loves input and questions from readers.

The Bespoke Gentleman

Jon Holt

The Bespoke Gentleman – Jon Holt

This blog’s stylish feature on the Lords, Long room, looks like a throwback to the time when cricket really was a gentleman’s game. It’s not just chunky knit jumpers though.

Jon Holt’s blog has a love for tailoring and everything gentlemanly; with features on design, trends and great looking garments.

Sharpened Lead

Raf Simons Adidad trainers

Not just your ordinary trainers

Find the alternative to the ‘sticky flip flop’ with this blog that has seasonality as its core.

The Raf Simons designed Adidas trainers that ‘seemingly change colour’ really are quite cool. Style snobbery takes a backseat too, as Colin Chapman gives practical and well written advice on how to dress, groom and stay comfortable.

Side Street Style

Side Street Style logo

A fantastic blog for cool parents

Whether you’re sipping summer cocktails with friends, or playing with your kids at the park, this Cardiff couple will show you how to do it with style.

Written by the creative pair of Laura, the journalist, and John, the cut throat barber. Stay informed about their fashionable lives and don’t let style slip with parenthood. A finalist in the Mum and Dad (MAD) 2013 blog competition, it has more than just knowledge, it has heart.

The Everyday Man

Colourful print

‘Crash and Collide’

A feature on Kanye West’s latest, ‘interactive’ video is mixed with hoards of posts on fashion. Like the ‘Crash and Collide’ Adidas competition – (an art contest that requires people to create work using the Adidas Originals brand).

The blog is written by iamjro, who has an ‘obsession with sneakers and prints’. When you add sports, art and grooming into the mix you have a general hub for everything ‘man’

The Ged Lab

Yellow men walking

The Gedlab Swagger

Be inspired and pick the right pants or build a summer outfit on a budget. Find the right formula for modern manliness, in this ‘lab’ written by Ged the ‘30 something Londoner’.

It’s an all encompassing home for everything man. Stay groomed, stay healthy and look cool.

Lineage of Influence

A hat from Lineage of Influence

Lineage of Influence

How do you test a waterproof jacket?

Well you wear it, lie on the floor and let your friends pour water on you. This is just one of the ‘random bits and bobs’ that interest this self-proclaimed ‘Northern Monkey,’ like fashion, design and the odd bit of music.

A Casual Man

A casual man logo


The engaging interview with independent manufactures, Small Castle, covers Instagram, peppermint tea and the artistic tools of the leather accessory making trade.

Throw in a post about a chip fork/bottle opener and you have a blog about more than just fashion. ACM proves it’s not all about suits and Oxford shoes.

Stitched and Stitched

Stitched and Stitched logo

Stitched and Stitched

Mr Noisy and Mr Silly are famous as Roger Hargreaves creations, but also deserve credit for their excellent sense of style. That’s the opinion of blogger C.D Moorby, who also loves S.E.H Kelly’s linen jackets.

Jackets, shoes and high street style are just part of this varied and interesting blog.

The Tweed Pig

Tweed Pig logo

A patriotic pig

With the Ashes urn likely to stay in the hands of the English, show support with a cricket jumper by Alan Paine. This blog is not all about fashion though. Tweedy the pig also enjoys travel, cultural events and picnics.

This blog is stuffed with hidden gems and classics, with a twist of the old Blighty.

The Chic Geek

Cartoon spectacles

Speccy style

“Inside every stylish man is a ChicGeek.” That slightly nerdy, investigative voice that seeks out style in unexpected ways. If you’re unsure of your ChicGeek cues why not reference the ‘Geekapedia’? Find out all about Batik cloth and learn the meaning of the term, Weft. A great resource for staying stylish and nerdily informed.

The Modern Man Blog

three cartoon men

Surf, Sell and Skip

As stylish films picks go, Bullitt is up there with the best, as this blogger will tell you.

The blog’s not just about McQueen’s tweed though. Billy Webb aims to ‘include everything the dandy gent needs to keep him happy.’ Here, you’ll find fashions from the 1950s and a mix of high end and high street fashion.


Samuel L.Jackson

Who is the dude on the right?

Apart from a quick snap with Samuel L. Jackson, you can keep your tablet safe in a stylish leather case by Holdall & Co. Or just simply drink tea as you mix and match outfits from the web.

It’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s full of great stuff about style.

Men’s clothes blogs with style

This is the very first post on the all new Samuel Windsor blog. Over the coming weeks, months and years we’ll be providing useful tips, clever ideas and many other interesting features all centered around formal menswear.

We thought it would be appropriate to start off by acknowledging the many excellent blogs we’ve come across that have inspired us to share our own expertise. We truly appreciate those who share our passion for impeccable style, which is why we’ve compiled this list of what we consider to be the finest Mens fashion blogs.

Please note this list isn’t in any particular order and all accompanying images are sampled directly from their respective blog.

Style Salvage – A fantastic concept and a superbly executed blog, Style Salvage is an open discussion conducted by two friends, Steve and EJ, on how men could (and should) dress. It features style commentary, interviews with designers, journalists and shop owners mixed in with the occasional easy DIY project and personal style shot.

Guy Style Guide – Avoid designer babble and catwalk curiosities and let this rather spiffing blog beef-up your wardrobe, clean up your hair, tidy your sock draw and put you in control of your looks. A great read, packed with stylish features.

Le Vrai Winston – One particularly suave blogger shares his fashion secrets and many stylish outfits on Le Vrai Winston, which is particularly useful for distinctive men’s tailoring ideas.

dapper kid – A truly exceptional high-fashion blog from author Syed aka the Dapper Kid, with remarkable insight and detail crammed into every feature. Whether it’s an analysis of the latest designer collections or his own ideas for a stylish winter wardrobe, this blog doesn’t disappoint.

Kate Loves Me – Jam-packed with stunning photography and images that are sure to inspire your inner fashionista, this standout blog from London-based fashion student Pelayo is truly remarkable, and not least because it’s written in both English and Spanish.

Last Style of Defense – As the ‘Star of Fashion’s Future Front Row for Fashion Blogging’, Dan Hasby-Oliver, a freelance fashion journalist, has captured over 200,000 loyal readers since July 2009. His superb blog is dedicated entirely to men’s style products, as well as the latest trends and goings on from the world of fashion.

Individualism – Making men more stylish through quick-read informative posts and videos. This slick style blog has been recognized by ITV and is unquestionably your one-stop men’s style & image resource.

Brandish – A men’s fashion and lifestyle blog showing that style’s not just for girls, with special features on clothing, footwear, accessories and much more aside.

Buckets And Spades – The life of a boy who lives by the seaside, but don’t expect ice-cream and fairgrounds, this is a blog about men’s fashion, jam-packed with style-tips for the image conscious man about town.

Calculatus Eliminatus – We’ll show you how to look good is the claim and you’re hard-pressed to disagree with the vast array of detailed articles on offer, with advice on everything from winter boots to designer sunglasses.

Dapper Dude – All the latest male fashion trends as well as product reviews, discount codes and lifestyle features.

Fashion Beans – Why listen to just one blogger when you can read what a team of expert mens fashion columnists can show you how to look good? From grooming to basic fashion tips, all the way up to the latest trends right from the catwalk, this is truly the place to get your fashion beans.

fashionMR. – The rather brilliant blog of a stylish, sophisticated, well dressed Gentlemen, following all the latest trends in mens fashion.

Male Mode – Playing host to various musings on everything from established heritage design houses to the freshest up-and-coming designers, and from burgeoning trends to sartorially savvy style-makers, Male Mode is a highly accessible and thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

Man Fashion – Crammed with useful tips and features such as ‘How to dress slimmer’ and ‘How to find Designer Shoes online’, this is one men’s fashion blog that’s certainly worth adding to your bookmarks.

Men’s Fashion 101 – From simple fashion advice to style how-to’s, as well as tips on the hottest deals and latest trends on men’s clothing, Men’s Fashion 101 has it covered.

MFL For Him – A well-presented men’s fashion and lifestyle blog filled with interesting features, the latest news and detailed product reviews.

Michael Adams – A blog not just about fashion, but about the life and times of Michael Adams, which makes this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Permanent Style – Permanent style has cycles that last decades, not months. It is about weaves and lengths, about subtle ideas of proportion and balance. This blog supplies it. Enough said.

Smart Geezer – A brilliant, down-to-earth blog that doesn’t concern itself with high-fashion but instead concentrates solely on the here and now and getting some good looking clobber today at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

Style and Error – A thoroughly entertaining and lighthearted read from an author who works in the fashion industry. Beautifully laid out, easy on the eye and always interesting. Go and read it.

Style Nerds – Let this expert team of fashion enthusiasts take you through the latest news, from fashion trends and niche brands, to grooming products and style guides. A great blog.

The Dandy Project – On this exceptional blog you’ll find lots of talk about menswear with focus on do-it-yourself projects, up-and-coming designers, and Filipino bespoke tailoring as well as a healthy dose of the thought processes behind clothing and dressing up.

The Urban Gentleman – Fashion, styling and grooming tips for the urban man about town. Beautifully presented and packed with excellent features.

The Staple – In his own words, A consummate consumer blessed with an aesthetic eye yet no tangible artistic talent – reporting from the urban metropolis with the latest in ephemeral goodies. In our words, a simple, yet brilliant blog all about men’s fashion.

We could grow up together – A stylish fashion journey filled with imagery to inspire and delight. In fact, the photography alone is enough to keep you coming back for more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our list of the best mens fashion blogs. If you know of any other stylish blogs that should be added to our list, please do let us know in the comments below.