9 reasons to love online shopping


happy man shopping online

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Shopping online is so easy now

Do you spend a cool £1K on clothes per year? You’re not alone. Fashion experts at Mintel tell us that men now spend £988 on clothes and accessories every year, just 10% less than women.

And it seems a hefty chunk of that is spent online. Why? Well, the internet is democratising shopping, as James Bell points out on Fashion Beans:

“Now, even if your village’s highest-end boutique is run by Oxfam, a few finger swipes and that Prada Hawaiian shirt is at your door the next day.”

Oh internet, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

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9 smartphone apps for the stylish gent

Smartphone style

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Smartphone style

Are you baffled by fashion, or a religious follower? Regardless of where you fall on the sartorial spectrum, your phone can help you out. Style apps can inspire new outfits, show you how to dress for the weather or a particular event. They even make it easy to find and buy great new items.

We’ve hand-picked the 10 best style apps to help you look your best. They make looking great so simple you’ll wonder how people ever managed it before the smartphone.
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Do you dare double denim?



double denim man

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We dare you to double denim

There is one fashion tip that everyone knows, regardless of their sense of style: avoid double denim.

This was good advice – until recently, when the ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ came back into style. Like many trends, there was a good dose of irony among those who started wearing double denim again.

But it’s now being worn without said irony and has actually become a “thing”.

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