American male fashion blogs you’ll want to follow


Some of the best male fashion blogs from across the pond
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Developing your own individual sense of style isn’t as difficult as you might think. While few of us can hire a professional stylist – who needs one when there are fashion gurus from all over the world sharing their wisdom online. And don’t imagine it’s all aimed at label-loving youngsters. There’s plenty of advice here for gentlemen who favour a more considered and sophisticated style.

Here are 14 of the most inspirational men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs from America. We’re not talking baseball hats and Homer Simpson. These are Ivy League all the way!
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Men’s fashion blogs straight off the hanger

We recently listed some of our favourite blogs, and since then we’ve found some more.

So here, for your pleasure, are some of the best men’s fashion blog that the web has to offer.

Boy Meets Fashion

Jaime Jan Boy meets fashion

Not your average boy.
Not your average blog.

If you wrote a blog, would you feature a lady you met on the morning commute? Say hello to a blogger, Jamie.

This London boy ranks eighth in the Telegraph’s “Top Fifty Fashion Insiders”, and loves everything to do with fashion. Here you’ll find info on shopping apps, the “bad boy nerd” look, and even posts on ladies’ shoes.

Want the lowdown on the denim section at Selfridges? Find out about the £11 bargain Jamie found there – or the diamond studded jeans. How much do you think those cost?


Bob Larking of Chivalrous

A gentleman, and a scholar.
And also a blogger

There is nothing wrong with the colour pink. And that’s clear from Bob Larking’s John Lennon inspired blog post.

While Larking may use Arthurian legends as lessons on how to behave, he isn’t a chainmail wearing brute. This philosophy graduate swaps shields for shirts and swords for poetry on his way to creating “hybrid looks”.

A blogger with style, and thanks to a Ted Baker contest, one with cufflinks, a designer pocket square and some dashing stripy socks.

Lads Style

Lads Style NYC

For the lads.
By the lads.

The word, “lad” is often synonymous with wild hooting, mindless “banter” and very ungentlemanly behaviour. But don’t worry.

Founded in 2012, Lads Style has sought to become the style HQ for “proper blokes”. They also prove that beige, when worn with blue, is a fantastic colour combination.

This recession busting, affordable clothes loving blog, is run by lads, for lads, without the aforementioned negative vibes. And there isn’t a £300 motorbike jacket in sight.

Omiri and a Dream

Omiri Thomas on a curb

What’s in the bag?
A dreamy blog post?

Have you ever been stopped in the park and asked to put a green acrylic box on your head? Well blogger, Omiri Thomas has.

After hearing “Where did you get that from?” for the “umpteenth” time, Omiri Thomas began his fashion blog. Now this hat wearing fan of style classics, wants to share his Great Gatsby inspired look.

The London Collections posts feature three very different outfits, and tell of a chance meeting with David Gandy.

Rogues and Brogues

Ian Megrath trilby

Another hat wearer?
It must be fashionable.

Grab your weapon of choice when fighting the stubble, and when growing a beard, “don’t force it.”

Away from posts on facial fluff, this is the fashion blog of Ian Megrath, who in his own words is a “30-something who dresses like a 20-something on the budget of a teenager”.

With his teensy budget, Ian can’t afford to be picky, But he certainly knows how to get the most from a cash strapped wardrobe. This isn’t about high end fashion; it’s a blog for the “Everyman”.

St James Style

St James Style Blazer

Be lazy. Or break the rules.
Don’t do both.

Don’t look like a schoolboy. Don’t wear a short sleeve shirt. And in case you didn’t know Panama hats are a better option that baseball caps. That’s the St James Style.

Blogger, Jake, writes about his experience of buying a bespoke suit. With autumn nearly upon us, he opted for wool, but do also check out his post on summer suits – lightweight fabrics for dealing with the sizzling sun.

The Rakish Gent

Rakish Gent Taj hayer

Rakish Gent.
Taj Hayer

Are you a gent with suave dance moves and smoothly rehearsed pick up lines? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Hayer’s bid to help men become more debonair includes an interview with the mustachioed stylist, Franco Vallelonga. In Franco’s eyes a rakish gent is a man who “has made a conscious effort, but looks effortless.”

Hayer writes posts on shopping trips, brand profiles and style icons, creating a jaunty ride through the fashion world.

The Student Tailor

Student Tailor

Wakey wakey.
Rise and shine.

If you’re a morning zombie, take a look at Aleksander Cvetkovic’s morning routine. This Oxford student will teach you how spending that little bit of time choosing an outfit, can really improve your day.

Ever wondered what colours make a good mix? Or do you need help picking the correct cloth? Learn about Aleksander’s love for gentleman’s outfitting, and find answers.

This blog is young, and so is its author. But while Cvetkovic may only be twenty, he has a wealth of fashion knowledge with Jazz being a particularly strong influence.

The Style Derektory

Linen suit and blue shirt

Look up stylish.
In the Style Derektory.

With help from family, Derek proves you can stay stylish over sixty. His Joan Rivers-esque critiques and warnings of crimes against fashion are sandwiched between picnics at Lords and the odd comedy text message.

Just what is an “international style chameleon”? Well if you’re unsure what that means, then Derek will clear it up.

It was after his daughters mooted the idea, that North Londoner Derek began his journey into outfit centric fashion blogging. He has a style for all occasions, and can even be seen in the egg and bacon of the MCC.

Top Grain

top grain header cropped

Top Grain.
Top blog.

Find the garment that matches your wallet with the “Good, Better and Best” section, where Matthew Coles selects three products from different price brackets.

If you aren’t happy with cargo trousers for £19 then Matthew’s pair for £415 might foot the bill.

But it’s not all high end and high price. Because though Mathew visits Florence for fashion show, Pitti Uomu, he’s also on hand to advise you on how to button your blazer.