10 ways to look the part at the office


confident colourful businessman

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Colours and confidence help you stand out from the crowd

Wearing the same grey suit as the rest of your office is perfectly inoffensive, but it’s also pretty boring. Who says you can’t have a bit of sartorial fun whilst still looking smart? If you want to swap drab for distinctive, check out our top 10 tips below.

It might even benefit your career and help you earn more money. As Antonio Centeno points out:

“In the high-turnover corporate world, the last thing a man wants is to seem easily replaceable, but that’s exactly what looking like everyone else does.”

You’re bound to find inspiration for your individuality here…

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The best decade for menswear?

best decades for menswear

Which decade wins?

Men’s fashion has come a long way over the last sixty years or so. We’ve got more choice and sartorial freedom than we’ve ever had, and that’s thanks to the courageous style pioneers of yesteryear.

Each decade has contributed something to the menswear melting pot; from quiffs to flares, and from the outrageously flamboyant to the understated ‘smart/casual’. But which era was the best for menswear? This Trend Trumps run-down puts the last seven decades to the test.
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9 reasons to love online shopping


happy man shopping online

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Shopping online is so easy now

Do you spend a cool £1K on clothes per year? You’re not alone. Fashion experts at Mintel tell us that men now spend £988 on clothes and accessories every year, just 10% less than women.

And it seems a hefty chunk of that is spent online. Why? Well, the internet is democratising shopping, as James Bell points out on Fashion Beans:

“Now, even if your village’s highest-end boutique is run by Oxfam, a few finger swipes and that Prada Hawaiian shirt is at your door the next day.”

Oh internet, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

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