5 classic coats

Model 2 wearing a Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

The covert coat is a classic
Image: Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

As winter arrives with an icy blast, we take a look at five classic coats for men. These trusty designs are built to take on the worst of weather and come out on top, and all while keeping you warm and comfortable underneath. If you’re looking for an overcoat that’s smart, expertly tailored, and tough, here are five traditional favourites that’ll see you through to spring in timeless style.
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How to choose an autumn coat

Tweed long coat from Samuel Windsor

Crisp cool autumn days lend themselves to autumnal tweeds
Image source: Samuel Windsor

As summer subsides, it’s time to start thinking about the cooler weather of the coming months. We know it’s tempting to make a grab for your trusty old raincoat, but take a quick look at our guide to choosing an autumn jacket to make sure you don’t compromise on style, warmth or comfort.
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Five reasons to love a quilted jacket

reasons to love a quilted jacket

Quilted jackets are smart, warm and comfortable
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Quilted jackets bridge the gap between country sportswear and more formal daywear. They take you from a country walk with the dog, to a pub lunch with friends, to an excellent way to keep your suit dry during your daily commute. They also look pretty snazzy. Here are five first-rate reasons to snap up a quilted jacket.
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