Men’s loafers – the complete guide


Loafers are smarter than your average slip on. Learn more about these sophisticated shoes with our men’s loafers guide.

Horse bit or tassels? Native American or Norwegian fisherman? Should you go sockless? Loafers have a fascinating history. Each style has its own identity and story to tell. Which of the following 7 loafers best suits your personality? Read our complete guide to find out how and when to wear your loafers.
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Mens Hats – The Complete Guide

Samuel Windsor Hats guide
Hats give a man distinction, confidence and protection. This diagrammatic guide will help you find the perfect hat to top your appearance.

Confused about what crown to request? Will a flat cap suit a square face? Do you know your bowlers from your boaters?

To cure your confusion, we’ve created this colourful and comprehensive men’s hats infographic:
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Summer dress codes – decoded in an infographic

summer dress codes

Summer dress codes explained

Does dressing for warm weather leave you hot under the collar? Our visual guide to summer dress codes will ensure you keep your cool.

When should you avoid wearing shorts? Are linen suits appropriate for business? And, what are ‘Planter’s Orders’?

Our infographic will answer these questions and ease your summer wear worries in seconds:

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