Shoelaces guide for gentlemen – infographic

shoelaces guide

From loops to laces, everything a gentleman needs to know about tying a shoe.

Choosing the correct shoelaces is surprisingly complex. And with a wide choice of lacing techniques, are you giving your feet the best possible support with a traditional lacing pattern? Wide feet, narrow heels, high insteps – no matter what your foot shape, there’s a lacing technique to help.

So gents, it’s time to pay attention to the detail. Here’s an infographic guide to tell you everything you need to know about laces and lacing…

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How to get a good fit online

Ordering clothes and shoes online couldn’t be simpler once you know how to nail the correct fit first time. Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to measure yourself correctly and some helpful tips for gents of all shapes and sizes.
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A gentleman’s guide to tweed

Tweed Guide header

Tempted by tweed? With a tailor’s knowledge of this exceptional fabric you’ll find the tweed you need.

Herringbone or houndstooth? Shetland or Cheviot? Harris or Saxony? Find the answers to these tweed conundrums in our stylish guide.

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