5 manly activities for which only leather shoes will do

As manscara, man-bags and a whole range of male grooming products continue to wrestle their way into male shopping baskets, the once rock-hard definition of ‘real man’ has gone a bit saggy. Except in the shoe world, that is — yes, you can spot a real man by his shoes.

Always stoking the fires of masculinity on the front line, real men need hard-as-nails real leather shoes. Here’s some of the most manly activities where only leather shows will do. Although, there’s probably many more, which haven’t been mentioned if you have any suggestions.

#1 Chopping Wood

old log splitter

There’s something about one man and his chopper, which oozes masculinity like tree sap. From getting wood all the way to smashing it senseless with an axe, chopping wood is dangerous, manly and shouldn’t be attempted in flip-flops.

#2 Playing Rugby

There’s nowhere to hide on the rugby field. Big, burly brutes slide in from all sides with big tackles designed to rough you up good and proper. Eye-gouging, uppercuts and toe squashing are the norm; although, leather boots protect the toes from breaking.

#3 Soldiering

Cock your weapon, shine your helmet and lace up those tough leather boots. It doesn’t get much tougher than on the frontline. It’s leather or die.

#4 Mining

Messing about in dark tunnels with pickaxes can be quite bad for your health. Footwear needs to be waterproof, durable and leather cause you can never be sure how long you’re going to be down there.

#5 Fire-fighting

There are far too many innuendos in firefighting, so let’s just keep to what’s important: if you don’t wear leather shoes when you’re fighting fires, you will burn your little pinkies.

5 (stupid) reasons leather shoes rule

There are many good reasons that for centuries men have relied on a sturdy pair of leather shoes to get them through day-to-day life.

There are also some completely ridiculous reasons. Here are five of them.

#1 Escape

In sticky situations you often have two choices: fight or run. So if you happen to be a spindly coward, you’ll need appropriate footwear for putting on the after-burners. Leather shoes are not only strong and flexible, but aren’t obvious running apparatus, so you’ll get an extra couple of seconds head start.

#2 Street cred

Two things spring to mind when we think of leather. Badass bikers and Batman. Both are awesome, therefore you are awesome for wearing leather. It’s quite simple really.

#3 Cutting a deal

You might just wake up in a dusty desert at some point in your life and there’s no way the Bedouin with all the water and ponies is giving you oowt for a flip-flop. A quality pair of leather shoes on the other hand will always give you the power to negotiate.

#4. Drinking like a gentleman

Found a water supply after days of walking through the desert? Don’t have a container? No problem. Let your shoe be your cup (unless you’ve traded them for a Camel. Then you’re pretty much on your own).

#5 Secret storage

Nobody ever thinks to search your shoe when they’re looking for your valuables and for years men of epic intelligence have used this most secret of hideaways to bamboozle reprobates and thieves.