Six fashion items that never date

white shirt blazer man

Image source: Samuel Windsor
Cool, classic, stylish yet relaxed

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, there are some key items every man should own. Fashions come and go, so what you really need is a selection of classic pieces that will never go out of date.

Here’s our guide to six fashion staples that will stay in vogue year after year.

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How to spot a lumbersexual


Here are the giveaway signs…

Ever wondered why there are so many lumberjacks around these days?

You might be forgiven in thinking that the likes of Shoreditch have had all their great forests felled recently. That might explain why all the lumberjacks just sit around in coffee shops until logs need shifting.

But the truth is out. They are not real lumberjacks!

First it was metrosexual, then spornosexual and now it’s all about the lumbersexual (aka: a hipster who is still at university or has a job that requires a laptop). Here’s how to spot them in the inner city forests.

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