How to make leather soles less slippery and other wet weather tips

Image source: Singing in the Rain Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Video Still/YouTube

Comfortable, breathable, long lasting and good looking – just some of the reasons why leather shoes never fade from fashion. But how, I hear you ask, do you prevent slippery soles from landing you on your backside the first time there’s rain or frost?

Here’s how to make sure you don’t turn turtle in bad weather – a plethora of ways to make leather soles less slippery, plus how to weatherproof and look after your shoes so they keep your feet dry and toasty for years to come.

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The price of quality mens leather shoes

Here at Samuel Windsor we pride ourselves on offering top quality shoes at affordable prices. But some shoemakers have forgotten that we aren’t all millionaires.

From diamond encrusted dress shoes to super exotic leather, here are some amazing mens leather shoes that will well and truly break the piggy bank!

Back to the Future shoes

McFly Hightops

Where we’re going we don’t need roads
Source: Out N Front

Film memorabilia often has a high price tag, and the Nike high tops from Back to the Future II are no exception.

In the film the big appeal of these shoes is their ability to self tie, sadly in real life you have to do them up yourself. Not quite the gizmo we were led to believe!

But it seems the gimmicky nature weren’t the shoes only appeal, given they sold for $4000 dollars in an eBay auction! The net profit went to Michael J Fox’s charity. A lot of money, but well spent.

Nike gold dunks

Gold-shoes nike dunks

Snazzy doesn’t always mean stylish
Source: SneakHype

There has only ever been enough gold in the world to fill three and a half Olympic sized swimming pools, so when Nike released their ‘gold dipped Nike dunks’ it stands to reason that they’d be expensive.

But at $4500, you have to wonder if it’s really worth it.

For that price you could buy around 70 pairs of black Oxford shoes, depending on exchange rates of course.

Testoni monk straps

Testoni monk strap shoes

Better start saving
Source: Born Rich

Italian shoes are known around the world for offering the best in quality and style. But shoemakers A. Testoni took this to a whole new level.

With a lightweight, water resistant hide and an ancient Norwegian construction that requires around 200 manual operations, the price begins to rise.

Chuck in a gold and diamond encrusted buckle, some custom made twine and super soft goatskin and the price sky rockets to a whopping $38,000.

Louis Vutton dress shoes

louis-vuitton expensive dress shoe

Off the scale pricing
Source: Style Engine

Louis Vuitton, has produced many stylish products over its 159 year history, but in 2010 they decided to bust the bank with a pair of men’s shoes priced at $10,000.

The handmade shoes were created with waxed alligator leather – known for its hardwearing quality and fancy patterning created by the scales.

Understandably, if you’re shelling out $10,000 you want a shoe that lasts. Unfortunately, this pair are more style than substance. Made with Blake construction, the shoe’s upper is folded underneath itself and sewn onto the sole of the shoe. The result is certainly sleek, but it won’t last as long as pair of Goodyear welted shoes.

For now though, it’s time to put the piggy bank away and stop drooling over gold dunked sneakers and diamond encrusted dress shoes. Unless, of course, your wallet is overflowing in which case you can treat the above as a mini catalogue!