31 shoe facts to help you win a pub quiz


Turns out there’s a lot we didn’t know about our footwear!
image source: Creative Lab

You never know when you’ll need a top-notch “shoe fact”. So just in case you’re asked – or if you’re setting the quiz questions for a brain teaser down at your local pub, here are 31 of our favourite facts about shoes.

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Essential Men’s Boots Guide – Infographic

Samuel Windsor mens boots guide header image

Men’s leather boots are surprisingly complex. With a wide choice of styles, heels, toes, soles and functions, it can be a challenge to find the right pair.

Do you know your Chelsea from your chukka? Your monk from your brogue? Should you choose a Cuban or cowboy heel?

Find the answers to these mysteries and more in our easy-to-use men’s boots guide.

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Oscar Nominees – the flops and the failures

oscar statues

Image source: MidoSemsem / Shutterstock.com
The Academy Awards – or, the Oscars

The Oscars have arrived! On February 28th the glitterati will assemble to celebrate the acting profession’s finest achievements. But beneath the award ceremony’s shiny surface lurks an underworld of cinematic catastrophes. These are the films which the nominees would rather forget.

We delve into the history of some of this year’s Oscar nominees, to discover the film flops which didn’t make the grade.

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