Essential Men’s Boots Guide – Infographic

Do you know your Chelsea from your chukka? Your monk boot from your brogue? Should you choose a Cuban or cowboy heel?

Men’s leather boots are surprisingly complex. With a wide choice of styles incorporating different heels, toes and soles, it can be a challenge to find the right pair. Here’s everything you need to know about men’s leather boots, and when it’s appropriate to wear them.

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How to choose the perfect pair of men’s winter boots

Looking for a pair of boots to carry you through the cold, dark winter and beyond? Check out our ultimate guide to men’s leather boots. From sophisticated Chelsea boots, to heritage brogue boots, smart-casual chukkas, and winter-ready Cumbria boots, we’ll help you choose the best frosty-weather footwear for your needs. For extra guidance, take our quick boots quiz at the end of the article.