The mastery of Italian leather shoes

italian handmade shoes

A pair of handcrafted Italian leather shoes: the pinnacle of foot fashion?

The words “Italian leather shoes” are often spoken in hushed, reverent tones by fashionable folk the world over. But why are they so well respected? Here’s our look at the history, the skill and the artistry that goes into every pair of hand made Italian shoes to answer just that.
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Why are Italian shoes the best?

Italian shoes are the best. You’ve no doubt heard that before. But why?

Sure, Italy gave the world Prada, Gucci and Versace, not to mention the entire population seems effortlessly suave. But surely Italian shoes aren’t popular by mere reputation alone?

Nope! Here’s the low-down on why Italian shoes really are the best…

1. Premium leather

One single Curious Cow in the meadow and blue sky

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A lonely cow is a happy cow?

The leather used on a pair of Italian shoes is from cows that are specifically bred for their hide. It doesn’t come from a by product of a porterhouse steak you have down the local!

The hide is also treated with tannins and oils that maximise it’s supple nature and give it a long lasting quality.

2. Handmade


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A shoe makers best friend?

Traditionally, an Italian shoe is handmade, using time honoured techniques and highly skilled craftsman. By making a shoe by hand, you can create a better fit, and make sure each detail is perfect.

Because making a shoe by hand is a much slower process, there aren’t restrictions on the quality of the material or the look of the shoe. So you can expect to see more unique styles and some rather different materials.

3. Demand

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Black Friday-esque demand

OK, we lied! The third and final reason Italian shoes are the best in the world does have a bit to do with reputation.

The term “Italian shoe” has come to mean more than just a shoe from Italy. Now it is synonymous with style.

So as their reputation grows, naturally so do sales. And that cycle will continue forever more…unless something goes awfully awry!

Final word…

So those are the main reasons we can think of that make them so special. If you know any more, comment below!

The Oscars 2014 best dressed actor award goes to…

Oscars fashion is usually a female focussed phenomena. The best supporting men are often left hiding in the shadows holding the handbag.

To address this injustice, we shine a spotlight on this year’s best dressed actors in their tailor made tux and Italian shoes.

Here are our nominees, who do you think should win ‘Best Dressed Actor’?

Jared Leto

Image source: Helga Esteb /
Jared Leto

Christoph Waltz academy awards 2014

Image source: Kath Click
Christoph Waltz

Matthew McConaughey at the 86th Academy Aw

Image source: Kath Click
Matthew McConaughey

John Ridley 86th Oscars Academy Awards

Image source: Kath Click
John Ridley (Ok he’s a director/writer but he looks good)