How to iron a shirt

How to iron a shirt video guide from Samuel Windsor

Put your best foot forward in a crisp, ironed shirt
Image source: Weekend shirt from Samuel Windsor

A beautifully ironed formal shirt is essential if you’re wearing a tailored suit. And you should never have to wear a jumper over a weekend shirt to hide the creases. Ironing isn’t your forte? Once you’ve mastered our failsafe routine, you’ll be able to knock out a week’s worth of shirts in less than half an hour.

Check out the short video below for a quick and easy way to iron a shirt…
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How to ‘lock lace’ a Derby shoe

A Derby shoe is defined by the vamp (lacing section) which opens wide on top of the shoe
Image source: Samuel Windsor

A Derby is a smart and versatile shoe with a lacing section that opens wide for ease of taking on and off. But did you know that the way you lace your Derbys can really help with comfort and fit?

If you have narrow heels that tend to slip, the ‘lock lace’ method was designed for you. Support your feet in the same way that long-distance runners prevent their heels rubbing as they move. A smart, criss-cross lacing pattern gives way to a clever ‘locking’ mechanism at the top. Ideal for slim feet, your shoes will feel snug and secure all day long.

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How to clean overcoats

Model 4 wearing a Black Dry Wax Coat from Samuel Windsor

Check the care label before washing your wax coat
Image source: Dry Wax Jacket from Samuel Windsor

If you’ve been putting off sprucing up your coat or jacket, you’re far from alone. People worry that if they put their coat in the washing machine, they’ll ruin it. And forking out for dry cleaning is expensive. But with the correct technique and detergent, many coats are perfectly washable – here’s how.
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