How to dress like an Italian Man


You don’t need to live in Rome, to do as the Roman’s do.
Image source: Shutterstock

To dress like an Italian, you need to start thinking like an Italian – clothes are about self-expression.

Why do so many British men take our few days of summer sunshine as their cue to dress like a jumble sale on legs? Gents, you can do better. Here we take some fashion prompts from our Italian brothers, men who know the meaning of style. We have the raw materials, we have the know-how – here’s how to put it all together like a true Italian.
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How to wear a short sleeved shirt

Look smart while keeping cool.
Image source: Short Sleeve Seersucker Shirt in Green Blue Check from Samuel Windsor

What’s the toughest sartorial challenge known to mankind? Simple – it’s how to keep cool while looking sharp. For those who dwell in smart-casual circles, warm weather can be a nightmare.

Luckily, there’s one look coming in from the cold, which helps you square the circle. Both smart and casual, it’s the short sleeved shirt. Here’s how to wear yours with confidence.
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How to boldly go – bald

man inspecting hair

Going bald? Denial or panic are common initial responses.
Image source: Shutterstock

The first time a friend or relative points out your thinning pate, no man alive can deny the stomach-swooping feeling: Who me? Bald? Men pretend to be fine with baldness – until it happens to them.

A surfeit of hairs in the sink or shower plughole? Shedding onto the pillow? Maybe you’re losing it. As Man for Himself says: “For a lot of men, they either go into denial or they panic. Neither will help.”

Nobody can stop themselves going bald, here’s how to take it like a man.
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