How to dress like a Kingsman


Here’s how to dress like a Kingsman – while giving orange a wide berth.
Image source: Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX

“It reaches new heights of skyscraping silliness,” was the Guardian’s reaction to the New Kingsman film, ‘The Golden Circle’. Other critics weren’t so kind. Eggsy and co., are a daft sendup of the Bond franchise, which is itself a daft sendup of spy thrillers in general. But we’re all suckers for a bit of Brit posh polish, and nothing politely murmurs “gentleman” like a well cut suit. Here’s how to dress like a Kingsman – without admitting you’ve seen the film.

How to look cool in a cardigan

An incredibly versatile garment.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Cardigans have been around for many a year, and are the perfect thing to add to your winter wardrobe. There’s no reason for you to fear the the woolly garment, or worry that it will make you look “too Granddad”. It’s an incredibly versatile item that can be adapted to suit your needs.

This classic winter staple was named after the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a prominent British military figure who made the style popular. Cardigans underwent several transformations over the years to evolve into the many styles that we know of today.

So how do you look cool in a cardigan?

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How to choose a tie


So many ties, so how do you choose?
Image source: Fedor Selivanov

Ties are an intrinsic part of many men’s daily lives. Far from fading into the background, they provide a useful pop of colour, or in some cases, a talking point to break the ice at social events.

Originally worn by Croatian troops stationed in Paris during the 17th century, ties were soon adopted by royalty and then rapidly taken up by the general population. Whether you’re hoping to project regal gravitas or rakish style, we’ll show you how to choose the right tie for the job.
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