How to wear colours confidently

Image source: shutterstock Dressing with colour isn’t just a young man’s game.

Image source: shutterstock
Dressing with colour isn’t just a young man’s game

Just because you’re a ‘grown-up’, you don’t have to stick with bland and boring shades. If your wardrobe is bulging with beige, take an adventurous leap! Add a pop of colour to your outfits and put a spring in your step.

The majority of mens suits are in standard blues, greys or black, and English reserve means that many men are reluctant to stand out from the crowd with a more colourful statement.

If you’re keen to revitalise your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, fear not. Here’s our guide to effortless colour coordination.

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How to build the essential gentleman’s wardrobe

happy businessman

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“I lost all my luggage, but I know how to complete a new wardrobe quickly!”

Nightmare. You’ve just landed in a foreign city ready for a week of important sales meetings, presentations, client meetings, networking events and an awards dinner – and the airline has lost your luggage. You’re meeting your boss at the hotel in a few hours – and all you have are the jeans, trainers and hoodie you’re stood up in. What do you do?

Stay calm. You can get through the week if you know what to buy. Here are the 10 essential items you need to build a functional, versatile wardrobe quickly and cheaply, to cater for a range of events and occasions.

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How to survive and thrive at the Christmas office party

office party man

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All the fun of the office party!

Are you looking forward to this year’s staff Christmas party? According to the Guardian newspaper, some 60% of us will attend the office knees up this year.

If the thought leaves you cold, our advice is to stop thinking of it as a yearly trial and instead treat it as a golden opportunity to shine in front of colleagues and more importantly – bosses.

Here’s how to survive and thrive at this year’s Christmas do.

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