Shoelaces guide for gentlemen – infographic

shoelaces guide

From loops to laces, everything a gentleman needs to know about tying a shoe.

Choosing the correct shoelaces is surprisingly complex. And with a wide choice of lacing techniques, are you giving your feet the best possible support with a traditional lacing pattern? Wide feet, narrow heels, high insteps – no matter what your foot shape, there’s a lacing technique to help.

So gents, it’s time to pay attention to the detail. Here’s an infographic guide to tell you everything you need to know about laces and lacing…

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How to clean and protect mens suede shoes


Everything you need to know to keep your suede shoes in top condition.
Image: gogoiso

If you’ve ever been put off buying a snazzy pair of suede shoes because you think they’re a nightmare to keep clean, you’re in for a surprise. Because while it’s true that suede takes a bit more care than leather, the extra effort really is minimal. Here’s all you need to know to keep your suede kicks in top condition.

Quick tips on how to clean and protect suede shoes at home:

  • Apply a suede protection spray regularly to avoid damage.
  • Remove any dirt as soon as it’s dry with a clean cloth or a suede brush.
  • For tougher stains, a suede rubber or pencil eraser works just as well.
  • Use talc or cornflower to absorb liquid stains.
  • Don’t wear your suede shoes if rain or snow are forecast.
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How to wear deck shoes in winter

Mens deck shoes on a fence with moss

Winter doesn’t mean these shoes need consigning to the back of the wardrobe.
Featured product: Prestige deck shoe

Sipping cold drinks by the sea, the burning coals of a BBQ and the smell of sun cream are all part of summer. But it isn’t summer. It’s winter, and that means some items of footwear are off the agenda.

Sandals, outdoor slippers and sticky flip flops can all be put away. But can you wear deck shoes in winter? Yes.

It’s probably best to stash the low-cut, canvas deck shoes away until spring, and you should avoid exposing your socks at all costs. But we believe there’s a time and a place for the classic shoe, even in colder months. Here’s how to make deck shoes – also known as boat shoes – work in winter.
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