How to make leather soles less slippery and other wet weather tips

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Comfortable, breathable, long lasting and good looking – just some of the reasons why leather shoes never fade from fashion. But how, I hear you ask, do you prevent slippery soles from landing you on your backside the first time there’s rain or frost?

Here’s how to make sure you don’t turn turtle in bad weather – a plethora of ways to make leather soles less slippery, plus how to weatherproof and look after your shoes so they keep your feet dry and toasty for years to come.

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How to wear sandals

mens sandals

Sun’s out – time your feet saw the light of day
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As the temperature rises, we all like to feel the cool breeze against our skin. A quality pair of sandals is the stylish way to air your sun-starved feet. Here are our top tips on which sandals to go for and how and when to wear them.
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How to wear summer shoes

deck shoes

Time to give wellies the boot
Image source: Alexander Andrews, Unsplash

It’s time to put a bit of spring into your step with the best in summer shoes. This is your chance to ditch heavy black and brown leather for lightweight, open, breathable, colourful footwear that looks great at the beach, at backyard barbecues, or bobbing around on a boat. Here’s our guide to your summer – in shoes.
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