How to pack a suit

Travelling with a suit? Chances are that looking smart when you arrive is likely to be more important than squeezing in an extra few t-shirts. Here’s a couple of tips to help you pack formal wear and still leave enough room in your case for everything else. Continue reading

Top tips for packing a suitcase


There’s an art to packing a suitcase.
Image source: inewsfoto

Be honest. Are you the man who waits until it’s almost time to leave, throws a few things into a bag and disappears for two weeks armed with just three pairs of pants and a toothbrush? You’re not alone.

While most of us don’t have a butler to pack our clothes, with just a few professional tips you’ll be amazed how much fits into a small case without emerging a crumpled mess. Here’s our tried and tested guide to packing a suitcase.
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How to pack trousers and jeans

Travelling light means packing smart. Rolling casual trousers and jeans will save space in your suitcase. But formal trousers, with a crease, definitely travel best when folded. We know – we’ve tried and tested various techniques to be sure.

To pack like a professional, look at our step-by-step infographic and and see how to keep your trousers and jeans as compact and crease-free as possible.

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